Groups and Clans

How about the ability to group with other players (clan and non-clan) whenever we do a dungeon or group hunt or purge. This would allow players to keep track of each other (like when someone gets separated from the group or gets lost) and, on PvP servers, it would keep people from damaging each other when they’re cooperating. As for clans, all the same things should be automatic with all clan members.
I’d also like to see a player option for a resizable mini-map. And/or a compass so we don’t HAVE to hit the Map in order to figure out which way south or southwest etc is.
Also, more options for Character creation. Perhaps someone wants a fat/bony character to RP. Or one eye, missing ear(s) etc. More body and facial options for more customization. And hairstyles, beards/moustache and makeup options.

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