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So, here’s a suggestion… I’d like to see the ability to create a team or party. This could be a temporary allied partnership between players that can adventure and run dungeons together. It would also remove the lock-on and friendly fire features, allowing ease of fighting. Maybe a marker on the map (perhaps a different color than white) to see where your teammates are at. It wouldn’t be persistent and only lasts for the online session, server reset, or when broken by the players themselves. This should also be a feature for clans already, so they can still adventure together, even if not part of the created team. Lastly, this is a pretty good idea for PvE, but I could also see it as a possibility for PvP, since I’m sure there’s times when truces are enacted for joint raids, or just the occasional dungeon or farming help from longtime “allies” or friends. I suppose the only question would be, what’s a good max number? Often I see like 4 in online games, but since this game has larger clans and stuff, I’m thinking a higher number.


One more detailed I figure needs to be noted: absolutely NO shared items on a team. While it would be cool to have the ability to share a container, I suspect this might be a difficult coding option. Maybe not? If it can be done and only certain containers can be used, great. However, if not, please no sharing. It could get abused and we’d find people stealing stuff from each other. Way more toxic and exploitative than it’s meant to be.

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Yea this I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before but because of toxic players, impossible rocknose purge bosses and semi-difficult dungeons, party feature should be implemented. Reminds me of my world of Warcraft days. God I missed those, lol :joy:

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