Team up with random players or friends for dungeons without having to create a clan

It would be good if we could team up with random players and friends just to do the dungeons, or play together for a while without having to create a clan, and not having to share buildings

To be honest you can already do that, dungeons are only instanced because they wanted extra space to be able to build them, so it just ports you somewhere off the map. Otherwise you can have any number of players in the dungeon, from any number of clans, with no association doing the same thing. The only area this would be an issue is in pvp servers i’m sure, but otherwise on pve this is already a thing really.

And honestly, not sure it is an issue in PvP especially those with Friendly Fire at 1.0 because even your clan mates can hurt you. It is just more sandbox and less restricted. Anything can happen in the ‘party’ including some of the members turning on you at an opportune moment.

so if i get in an instance at the same time that a friend of mine gets in, on the same server of course we will meet inside?if yes that would be great.Sorry about the noob suggestion but i come from mmos where you don´t get this type of thing. In this case if its what i´m thinking it is it would be great if you could send like a warning for players that you are ready to start and who is interested could just go there to meet the player or group, like a world(server) message

So some kind of matchmaking while entering the dungeon?


I met up with 2 other people a couple of days ago outside the Dregs where we all zoned in together and completed the dungeon, none of us were in the same clan.

We also did the Witch Queen and Bone Dragon.

Not sure on the exact way to do this, but we all pretty much entered at the same time, with one of us having to step out to place his bedroll, and then stepped back in with us.

I think matchmaking not in the way of wow because if i understood its just an other map in that server theres no cross server so you will meet up with the players that are there at that time, so it could be a machmaking in the way of you apply somewhere to a dungeon and if somebody else apply to it also you get a warning and can meet at the entrance. Brainstorming just now you could like send a message setting a pigent free kkkkkk or throwing a bottle in a river; on pvp servers you ll have to becarefull because it could be a trap or dangerous also to whom is calling for others

yup so if you get in an instance there are no restrictions on who else can enter. We normally just ask in global chat if anyone wants to run, meet up at the enterance and go in together, but it doesnt matter, anyone can enter at any time and you’re all in the same instance. Like i said they had stated that the only reason that you go through a portal really is so that they had more space to create the actual dungeon without having to work around the structures above and around it. Meaning its just for the devs convenience with creating the map, it doesnt open an instance that you would have to invite people to like in other games.

i think this is probably why we have world wide chat, but sadly i can barely make out what people say on it because they sound like they have been beat with a truncheon lol.

Is there a world chat on ps4?