Instance the Dungeons

Dungeons should be instanced for the person in there not everyone else to join or a pop up asking who can join or who cant. Since you cant group make an option to have a group or when a clan walks in the clan they belong to can be in the dungeon and it locks it for your clan and is another instance of the same place for others.

(for PVE only) Maybe it could be when u press the first button on the floor < then it would lock the door until the boss dies. That would allow ppl from different clans (friends) to join and the player would choose when to press the button after everyone he wanted were inside.

Instancing is sadly out of the question without an engine upgrade.


Maybe on PVE servers it would be okay, but on PVE-C and PVP servers vaults are a good source of conflict.

What bothered me about Exiled Lands was that PVE-C conflict boiled down to either “I’ll attack you because I can” or “I’ll come up with a weird, contrived reason to attack you”. As a result, anything other than a consensual sparring bout between players would end up provoking a storm of salt in the global chat.

Isle of Siptah changed things. Now there’s valid motivation for conflicts. I only wish PVP hours were 24/7 on PVE-C servers. Anyone who doesn’t like unilateral conflict situations can get their wish easily by playing on a PVE server and placing a Battle Standard for consensual sparring matches.

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