Add Player versus Player combat to PVE servers

inside specially created arenas, nothing should be changed. You still can not damage other people’s bases. You still can not be PKed at any point in time in the world, but in the arenas you would be able to kill or be killed by other players any time you both hop into it.

The walls of the arena should work the same way as the walls in a dungeon, being unclimbable unless there is a ladder. That way you can’t cheese by hopping in an out of the arena. You have to climb the ladder to get out, and they can shoot you off of the ladder with arrows.

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Just play PvE Conflict???

Add a sentence to “Duel” when interacting with another player. On pve servers. That would be a great idea.

Please don’t disrail the thread. PVE-C has absolutely nothing to do with my suggestion. Thanks.

Your suggestion is too much time and effort for the devs: especially when they’ve already implemented a game mode dedicated to just fighting. You can just play PvE conflict for the same effect.

Adding in PKing in just a certain area of a map is hard. That’s why there are different servers for the different game modes.

Just go to a friendly PvE-C arena server. There’s your solution, and it definitely didn’t derail the thread. That’s much easier for everyone- including yourself.

No, you can’t.

LOL, it’s a minute difference.

And I see you still like to ignore pretty much everything else I said. Once again, either you didn’t read it, or you realized I’m right.

To you maybe, but different people have different opinions.

It’s not the same things. 'kay.

In PVP they can raid you.
In PVE-C they can PK you in the open world.

This suggestion prevents both of those scenarios. It still functions as 100% PVE unless you both willing hop into the arena. Once you leave the arena, you are back to a 100% PVE game.

Which is the exact thing I just explained to you that I do not want. Are you even reading these posts before you reply to them?

Keep your leader board to yourself.
You do your your thing over there, and we shall frolic over yonder.
We are way to busy engaging the world, building, trading, selling.
Making a world where gentlefolk reside.
Got no use for your brand of rif-raf.

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