Simple improvements

I have a couple simple improvements that would make the game much better

  1. Be able to group up for certain missions/adventures. Right now the only way to work as a group is to be in a clan. Some players are not really into that. give us the option to join a group together for a while and do a mission. then go on our way. SWTOR does it you can que up to face a flashpoint . then when its done you go on your way .

  2. let us ride our Elephants. this should have been done day one.

  3. Be able to change our appearance after we create our character. I would like to change the hair style of my character. but cant for some silly reason.

These are just a couple of the ideas that to me would make this so much better

Really, just remvoe clan system all together.
Make an alliance tier system.

tier 1–friendly fire protection from both thralls and each other. Cannot damage each others buildings. Call it Peace Treaty.
Tier 2–Tier 1 + Access to doors and gates. Call it Open borders.
Tier 3–Tier 1 and tier 2 + Access to chests and vaults. Call it Free Trade.
tier 4-- What we have now, possessions and everything else falls under one clan name. Call it Unification or Annexation.

tier 1 thru 3 would be tied to decay timer, meaning when it was agreed upon, it would last the time of decay (officials default 1 week). After that, it would have to be renewed. If it is ever down graded or up graded (t1 thru t3) then timer resets. Tiemr cannot be reset other wise until last 24 hours. If at Tier 4, it would be as is now, Clan leader would have to kick any one they did not want in clan. Also, to avoid exploiting on PVP, can only have 1 of each tier 1 thru 3 in progress. And if one side breaks the agreement or is kicked, there is a 2 week cool down before the clans could re agree to anything.

this would remove some of the worry about in-siding, and also make for some really cool diplomatic relations in the Exiled lands. But i can only wish:/


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