We Really Need A Grouping Tool

Sometimes you actually want to adventure with people who are not in your clan. But because thralls are stupid mindless murder machines you have to leave them at home. Oh and because horses are ALSO stupid and aggressive, if you end up fighting anything and you get OFF your horse it will then attack your friends and your friend’s horse!

Funcom we NEED a group tool! People (and their thralls, pets and horses!) in your group would be recognized as clanmembers by the AI of all followers. What clan? Whoever is the leader/initiator of the group.

In addition to this there would then also need to be a group chat option.

This one tool would also have amazing benefits for large scale PVP engagements. You could literally form alliances with other clans to attack a common enemy AND bring your thralls into play. Clan A goes to war with Clan X. Three different members of Clan A form groups and bring in members of Clans B, C, and D. Clan X can similarly call upon their allies from Clans Y and Z!

I’m honestly a little shocked that you haven’t done this yet.

And another added benefit is, for those of us who like to have guests over to our bases, you could now group your guests instead of having to find a place to stash all your thralls!


“Forming alliances would negate the clan caps wouldn’t it?”

No. You still would not share a base or resources. The “alliance” only pertains to the people in the group. And that is temporary.

“If you are leaving your followers at home, working a dungeon with a non-clan member should be an issue.”

The point is so you don’t HAVE to leave your thralls at home when adventuring with friends from other clans.

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I cannot think how this thing could work, however it is a really nice suggestion because not all the pvpers are aggressive. I play a lot in pvp servers, not because i wanted to pvp with others, but because i wanted to play with others, to belong to a clan. So my role was the farmer & the organizer. Almost everyone in the server knew that i don’t pvp. There were several times that i wanted to teach other players how to farm but because they didn’t belong to my clan it was really difficult. They were bringing a pet or a thrall and everytime we have to fight something, their thralls attaking me :joy:.If there was a tool like you suggest it would be so much easier. Nice post girl :+1:


Being able to do dungeons and generally adventure with players not in your clan isn’t the only reason for wanting this. As I also mentioned, having other clan members over to your base and NOT having to go collect and lock away all your thralls is another reason. In general, thralls discourage cooperative play and many of us wish to play in ways outside of just the “clan vs clan” dynamic. And yes two clans COULD group to attack a third party. What of it? That third party is also able to group with their own allies. Being able to group brings an interesting ability to form alliances into play, broadening the more narrow options we have now.

I, like many others, play on a PvP private server. Griefing isn’t any more likely with a grouping tool than it is without it. After all, if anyone can use it, that evens the playing field and encourages people to make alliances.

Shadoza, I generally disagree with you’re arguments and I am unclear what exactly you oppose about this suggestion. How would two small clans allying to take on a big one, temporarily, constitute griefing? I mean this happens now it just is riskier with thralls and there can be collateral damage. Perhaps you are saying that this functionality would better enable griefers to abuse the system. To That end I guess I can see your point. There are potential abuses as with anything but that does not in my opinion out way the positives. Being able to ally temporarily with another clan would absolutely increase cooperative play. It would be very useful for pve-c servers, pvp and roleplay. I think this would be great!


I think your idea has merit but would need to have a time basis to it( like day truce) or you are just talking about merging clans (Which is also not a bad mechanic to have)…or perhaps you can label a rival clan as an arch enemy and the thralls would default attack that clan over anyone else.

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Well I will admit, I don’t play on official servers, but Ive heard enough about them to know a thing or to. When you say there are limits to prevent one clan from taking over a server, are you serious? I mean alpha clans are still a thing right? This already happens.

However, I do think that you make a valid point that there must be limitations here. Allying should not be in any way a means of sharing resources or bases at least by default. Allies should not have access to your doors or chests. It should by default be a system not dissimilar from battle standards except reverse. Whereby a person initiates a ally request like a clan invite and the two parties must agree to join up for a set period of time lets say an hour or two. During this time they will not Agro thralls and will take damage according to the friendly fire settings. It would be nice if the there was a server setting to adjust the ally time and maybe enable different tiers of allies for servers who want to do a game of thrones style play. But I don’t think that should exist on official or by default, just a simple do you want to team up for an hour to run a dungeon or raid a common enemies base, or just check out my cool build. This would very much encourage team play and I don’t think it would empower alpha clans any more than they already are.

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I think there is some misunderstanding about what I mean by a grouping tool. In MMOs like Elder Scrolls Online groups are common for taking on dungeons, world bosses and other group content. Having a grouping tool facilitates communication as it creates its own chat tab just for the group. Whoever formed the group is the group leader and only they may invite others to the group. For the group to be maintained it has to have at least 2 players in it and, again using ESO as an example, has a 24 person limit. I would hope FC would NOT add a limit as to how many people can be in the group.

But what it would NOT do is automatically “group” the entirety of one clan with another. Rather, groups are designed to bring individual characters from as many different clans as you would like. This isn’t an alliance system, which is another animal entirely.

I hope that helps clarify.


The point of a grouping tool would be to deal with thrall/pet/horse aggro. Because otherwise to group up with players NOT in your clan basically everyone has to leave their thralls/pets/horses at home. Thus making their utility even more limited. But as long as you are in the same group all thralls/pets/horses would see the thralls/pets/horses of OTHER members of the group as being in the same clan for the duration of the group.

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