Clan merging (any server) and allied clans (pvp)

I would really love to see clan merging, due to the fact that leaving a clan means you loose all access to previous structures.
And in pvp servers the ability to register other clans as allies so that your thralls wont attack each other would be absolutely wonderful. I hear ark does something like this but I’ve never played it.

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I would also like to see some type of alliance system put in place.
Clan mergers sounds like a good idea too.

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We just need commands for thralls the way ark does it for dinos. Alliances on a 40 players server doesn’t make sense, at some point it’s going to be abused for betrayals and things like that.
I would be ok with an alliance mechanic if the server reach the 100 player unreal engine maximum capacity.

I don’t see this as a problem in this type game.
Some people have honour some don’t.
Not knowing is part of the mystique.

I totally agree with the commands for thralls, but that’s not what this thread is about.


Is that really abuse? It’s dirty, and personally I would never attack an alliance member, but it’s part of the system. You need to trust your allies, if you can’t or they let in questionable people, it’s your prerogative to break the alliance. That’s part of what makes them spicy.

It would be great to be able to do a dungeon with someone from another clan without having to worry about our thralls killing each other.


This is exactly my thoughts on the matter!

You can already merge pretty easily. Last one in a clan brings all assets and buildings with him joining the other clan. Alliances are also already a thing(though not an official function) and pretty much the pvp meta.
For example, An alpha tribe rises up and takes over any given server after weeks of fighting smaller clans, then people cry on Facebook and organize white knight server invasions with “mega clans”. These alliances pretty much go from server to server and unfortunately it kind of kills the game as it was intended to be played.
People don’t stay put on servers and instead opt to chase whoever they happen to hate from server to server until they change gamer tags or find new targets to fight. All big alliances tend to do in pvp is make clans Zerg from server to server power leveling instead of actually having a challenge and committing to a single server long term. In turn smaller clans opt to commit to more toxic behaviors like undermeshing and black icing miles of land claim spam in a bid to slow down invaders. It’s a really ridiculous meta and I don’t think making it any easier with an official alliance function will improve the game. Might as well enable 24/7 raiding and server transfers at that point

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