Server Chat box on the PS4 Platform

I have played Ark for quite some time now and one of the things I love about the game is its global chat. Players getting salty over everything, new players griefing about getting killed, etc. It gives the game charisma which I find lacking in Conan Exiles. I know people have been criticizing Funcom for copying Ark but instead of giving excuses how about bringing new stuff that Ark doesn’t have? Character customization during Mid game could be one of them. There are many ideas to be explored and if you could ACTUALLY look at these suggestions Conan Exiles would become a better game. But hey, I doubt you guys from Funcom pay attention to us, trying to make your game better. Thanks for your patience

This thread has a lot of the commonly suggested and discussed things that have hit the devs radar, and an indicator on where they stand with the devs.

They may be a bit slow to make something happen, but they are aware of the most commonly discussed and suggested issues. For instance your suggestion of mid game character customization has already been discussed by the dev team, and has not yet been “cut” It is listed as “discussed” which means they have not yet decided 100% if they will implement it or not. Right now, I am sure it is considered a low priority and if it is added will be a bit before it goes live.

Then they better put a filter so we can have freedom of choice. I agree with Shadoza.

If you don’t like it you could simply disable the global chat and like this everyone could be happy. Furthermore, I believe you have never played a survival game of this type because if you did you would understand. A globa chat is another way to communicate with players in the game and like this we wouldn’t have to invite them to a party everytime you need to talk to them. With this, shy people would be able to communicate freely as well, instead of shying away from the voice chat

If you want filters, you should play a game in which nudity is not allowed. Therefore Conan Exiles doesn’t seem to be for you.

I would really like a chat box. I cant always use a mic, well most of the time… Would be so nice to communicate in cgame

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Thank you


Seems you missunderstood about filters. I like and I want nudity. Missunderstanding happens, usually, when a person is listening to himself, instead of to what is being said. Like in real life when people don’t understand 'cause they are not listening because they are only waiting for their turn.

First you say you want prattle in chat, then in another reply you say it is a way to communicate so they wouldn’t have to invite them to a party, and then you want people to disable global chat and isolate them from communication, etc. Boy, you are only listening to yourself.

By the way, isn’t a chatbox something different than a global chat? You are really only listening to yourself, aren’t you? I see you are the kind that is aggressive when people doesn’t agree with you. It is impossible to have a mature argumentation with people of your kind. Yes, the name ashfire fits you very well.

Perhaps the original poster needs to specify which platform they are playing the game on as Conan exiles on the PC platform has typed chat channels (global, local and clan options).

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Im on PS4 and would like chat local and whisper like most games that are multi player have

Btw I am playing on a PS4 platform

Relax, don’t get triggered when you hear something you don’t like. The idea of filters, can you explain that to me? You talk about misunderstanding about your filter idea and you don’t even explain it… As you said, yes I do want prattle in chat but I used that as an example to what a global chat would offer, and then I simply talked about what it usually does like communicate, I thought it was implied in a global chat, seems you did not understand.

Furthermore, I talked about disabling Global chat for people like Shadoza who don’t like “soap operas”. It seems you are only listening to yourself as well and using every bit of information to suit you. Please understand that this place is to discuss suggestions and not to witch hunt every little thing. A Global chat is the same as a chat box for me, I was thinking about Ark when I sent this suggestion

Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile: