Add in-game chat for deaf people. (PS4)

As a deaf gamer I find it aggravating that Conan Exiles PS4 only uses local voice chat. I don’t use a headset or mic because I obviously can’t hear Other people—This get especially annoying because I enjoy the role-playing community. And if I can’t hear (let alone speak) how do I enjoy the full submersible experience Conan has to offer? In game chat is important to more than just deaf people and everyone I play the game with is upset at the lack of chat options.

Consider adding it


I’m so sorry to find that out, i was thinking i just could not find the right button combo

I’m astonished that this game has no window to chat with people in the world of Conan, I struggle to communicate being so quiet and shy in online games like this that a chat box is vital for me, not to mention it’s basic standard method to have chat window for communication in online games, people like to roleplay and help others and a chat window brings the whole server alive, if there are friendly people near but have no idea someone in need of help during a purge or something, it limits the experience this game has to offer.

It would be most simple to include also emotes are down on direction pad, just add it to that button but it has to be pressed for a couple of seconds, easy peasy Funcom.


Going to necro an old thread because there is proof now that it exists. Sadly to make it show you must press Ctrl + T… All funcom needs to do is add USB keyboard integration to consoles and your in game chat issue is fixed.

This is a picture of my TV where I screenshot a playback of one of my game footage recordings on my PS4. The quality of the photo sucks… But in that box are all system messages. The first one welcoming you to the server. The next two telling you how to use the chat box with keyboard commands. And after that it says to press Ctrl +T to show or hide the chat box.

This flashed across my screen while running back to recover my body having just finished teliporting to an Obelisk.