As a deaf gamer I find it aggravating that Conan Exiles PS4 only uses local voice chat. I don’t use a headset or mic because I obviously can’t hear Other people—This get especially annoying because I enjoy the role-playing community. And if I can’t hear (let alone speak) how do I enjoy the full submersible experience Conan has to offer? In game chat is important to more than just deaf people and everyone I play the game with is upset at the lack of chat options.

Consider adding it


Wow had no idea,I play on PC but I hope they see this and add something. This has to be an extremely annoying issue.


Very frustrating. This is the only place I can find to voice my concern, otherwise I would have already emailed or something.


Maybe make a support ticket with the suggestion, try their Facebook and take to reddit.


How do I go about making a ticket?

I’ve looked at Facebook and there’s nothing aside from simply commenting on the posts which seem to do nothing


The developer announcements seem to be most active on Twitter. I’d start there for gaining eyes on the issue.


There is also a option to press the start button and go to players list. Here you can find all the players and open there profile to send a message. This is obviously not as good as a chat box but maybe it helps you a bit. I realy hope there will be a chat box in the future, it should not be a hard thing to make.