PS4 Headset mic not working on Conan Exiles

Game mode: Both online and single player
Problem: Bug? Voice chat not working
Region: Canada

I’ve been playing this game for some time and one issues I encountered while playing this game is that when I try to chat with people they cannot hear me, I use a black and blue turtle beach headset and for some reason my mic does not work whenever I try to socialize with other players on this game. I know my headset works whenever I stream but it doesn’t work on this game, is it a bug? maybe? could be a bug for this game or the PS4 being dumb, anyone else getting this kind of problem or is it just me?

I’ve been wanting to roleplay on this game, but how can I RP when I have to deal with this issue? D:

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Not just you! I’m getting the same problem. No chat icon appears for me. People cant hear me. But I can see their chat icon on the left side of screen and hear them fine. It really makes it impossible to coordinate and play with a clan. Between that and the BS censorship of nudity of the North American game version — I’d be tempted to get my money back if I could.

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likewise although I cant even hear other players, ive seen it posted a few times, but complete silence from the devs

Same here. Not to mention the game barely runs on my ps4 slim wtf.

Same here, still no voice chat…