Voice Chat is Not Working

I have Conan on PS4 & do in fact really like the game. However, to me at this moment, it’s unplayable. It will not let me hear or talk to others in ANY pvp or pve server on my fresh out of the box mic & headset. The game has an INCREDIBLE amount of lag. When I’m aggroing NPC’s it always glitches then a split second later I’m 10 feet over from where I was. All I want to do is experience a smooth session where I can TALK to others playing the game. Unfortunately even though I pre-ordered the game because of how insanely awesome it looked, I will not be back until this issues have been ironed out because I like my tv & don’t want to break it by throwing my controller at it from Conan’s frustrations. Please make fixing Conan Exiles for PS4 a priority. Thank you!!!

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