Voice chat solution for Conan Exiles PS4

I finally found out how to voice chat, at first I thought voice chat was broken on PS4 Conan exiles but then I did some research and found the solution, turns out I had to have a party chat opened and go to party settings/ chat audio and set it to game chat; which allowed me to voice chat with other users, I also adjusted audio mix to both party and non party just in case (not fond of using party chat), I managed to talk to one of the users and I was happy! Now I can finally RP on this game. :smiley:

Sorry Funcom for reporting a flaw that was not broken, my bad. LOL

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Will try this tomorrow, hopefully it works for me as well! Either way, thanks for the idea

No problem. :smiley:

its been working for me on PS4 the entire time, you just gotta be standing right next to the other player though.

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