In-game Voice Chat

PlayStation voice parties, discord servers and such are still very much an option to speak with others who play Conan Exiles however I remember in 2019 just bumping into random players and talking with them was an amazing feature to socialize and equally so play together.

Voice chat now, no longer works in Conan Exiles at least for me the player list is continuously muted even when you unmute everyone the moment you leave the player list window everyone is muted again. It was a really great feature because you can choose whether you want to talk to people or not. You are not forced to listen to noises because mute exists, just gotta press that button.

Is there possibly some information regarding this issue to be solved? Or was the remove of voice chat a permanent installation?


I don’t know about voice chat but have noticed most players have settings such as games friends trophies turned off also messaging turned off Don’t feel bad after I have tried to warn them and there settings interfere and they get stomped by someone they POed. @LoveCox

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I think Playstation put the nail in the coffin on an exploit, that was patched Tuesday. You can no longer open a channel and keep it open after you logoff or likewise. That was bad. In-game chat kinda bypassed the security such that anybody could open a voice chat with each other, involuntarily.

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This is the bigger issue. While I may not be able to use in game voice chat, I can’t even message anyone “due to settings.” They should at least allow a server text chat at some point with a dm/whisper channel… and maybe a clan channel. If someone is griefing, then allow a block player option where you can’t read messages from them.


As I was reading this on Siptah playstation server I play on someone a message it’s a group chat. I don’t really get involved in it joined months ago. Stick with it when a banned pvp clan shows up with alternate characters to wait out there ban . Tried to warn the people who pissed them off. Finally found one of the clan I could reach they were gone in less than a week

Absolutely agreed, that would be a great solution.

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