So there is a setting for a chat message length, in the Gportal server set up, WHERE IS THE CHAT BOX IN GAME O_o

I have noticed a few times now that we can adjust chat message settings in the server set up, but the only kind of chat box seems to be the one Sony supply x)

is there ever going to be a global chat box on Conan exiles?

i think this would be a very useful mechanic

Congrats on your forum birthday.

I thought both consoles had chat and the only thing they’re missing is block options. I don’t have the controls documented though :sweat: (

If there is, it doesnt work right. I’m mute, and been begging for them to add it.

According to jens in one stream(were they building for fun) (I’m like 3 or 4 behind now since I wake up to late catch them) They weren’t gonna add global or chat on consoles.

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