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Game mode: [Online | pve rented server, open world]
Problem: [missing options]
Region: [us]

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So under the settings for gportal where I rent the server from there is an option for global chat, they said they are trying to remove this option since it is only for PC, however it should not be just for PC, it would be a lot easier running a server if there was a global chat, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who agrees, so funcom will this be implemented anytime soon on console???

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It seems we need this chat box for the dice to work aswell.

They said in one of their dev show streams that they do on twitch etc on thursdays/Fridays that it will not be coming to console at all. There is absolutely no plans to bring that wonderful feature to console

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That’s bs, we need it, and apparently for the dice to work to which sucks because I just noticed those, i crafted some and they are useless

Which stream? I don’t remember this at all…

It was the one I watched maybe last Friday with Jens building with a couple of others and answering questions… I get the twitch notifications for funcom streams

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