Console In Game Chat (Dont let this thread die!)

I know this has been brought up in the past but Devs seem to not have answered it (or im blind and missed it).

Will we ever see in game chat added to consoles? Please Please Please make this a feature.

It would be so nice to chat with someone on noob river while im in the highlands. I feel like 99% of the time im all alone on a server with 19 other people and the only time we have communication is when someone gets bold and want to start something during PvP.

My hopes for this topic are to get a strong community backing on this so the devs can see we really want this.


i wonder how it’s possible that you don’t have it already, this post need to rise^^

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Attention conan shoppers there is a special on the name brand “south of the mound” bush jerky.

You neither can filter crafting items after their name… The box to enter anything is just gone.

You can only search after your feats. There it works fine, as you have a box to enter a name/search-term.

And enough DLC armors are not in one row… They are mixed. Its a nightmare to craft some certain armors at consoles.
And with all DLCs (which I have) you scroll most of the time, when you want to craft something in your crafting menu.

Also that the horse-stable is alphabeticaly mixed into normal building pieces is the next thing…

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i agree but what does this have to do with consoles getting a chat system XD

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I think it’s silly to change the player list without giving consoles in-game global chat, doing it with voice chat is pointless.

But yes, it does feel much lonelier without global chat.

They dont like keyboard inputs at consoles, for whatever reasons.

As a PC player, I can’t even fathom not having global chat in a game like this. That’s how so many players learn the game and make friends!

Definitely high time Funcom addressed this glaring omission. :astonished:


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