No chat on console? Um... What? Are you serious?

I’ve been playing the game for about 2 months or so on xbox one. Overall I’m enjoying the game. I play on an official server and I have met many of the other players on my server.
However, today I went to send a message out to the entire server saying that I have an excess of certain resources and that they are free for anyone to claim… So I googled it and /g is supposed to do it. However, it didn’t work.
This feature isn’t implemented on xbone…

Are you serious? I don’t even know what to say…isn’t this a standard feature in games like this? What’s going on here? Am I missing something? Do you expect me to send an individual private message to 15-20 people? I had just assumed there was a chat option in settings that I had neglected to enable but this is not the case.

I suggest adding chat on console. Thanks for reading.


Fc keeps saying they have fixed voice on consoles too…that dosent work either…still…after all the times they claimed to have fixed it…

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It’s a standard feature on the console itself, so there is no need for it to appear in game.

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I don’t know for sure how it works on console however /g doesn’t work for all pc players some have to write /global then hit space as the shortcut doesn’t work for them … hope it helps

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welcome to the forums… we been complaining about this for 2 years.


…I would not have made an account and posted this here if that were the case.

I have not had any issues with voice thankfully. But I would like to be able to communicate with the entire community on my server when necessary. Voice blast would be kind of obnoxious… But the classic chat box… That might just do it!.. I’m historically a PC gamer so maybe I’m spoiled.

Text Chat on Consoles is not even close to same as In-game chat.

Last thing anyone wants to do is sit thru several menus for min or 2 trying to start a text chat mid combat. -_-’

Its Horrid way to try and converse with player specially in some games were you have to go to certain menus, type in names (cause they don’t list players) Type in ID… and try not to get juggle by 20+ other names that are close. XD

Its laggy and leave you open during gameplay…

I’m mute… and I need text chat, or postie notes or sign language. 2 of which don’t work in game… and 1 is always ignored as a feature. As “base” as it should be.

Its popular request across games I play, and 99.99% ignored in almost every game.

Whats often worse then companies not adding it, is fan-base push back I see to not have it put in.

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I agree with Sera67 100%. In addition to that, when someone sends me a console message, it’s a whole thing. I have to back out into the console ui and even when I have my keyboard plugged in, more often than not the person on the other side doesn’t have a keyboard so they invite me to group and expect a voice chat and that’s fine sometimes but I don’t always want to have to do that.

It would just be easier if there was a chat.

It sounds like it’s just not going to happen based on responses from other posters… But I would at least appreciate an official response explaining exactly why it won’t happen.

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I created a discord for my official pve-c server. Had to place signs at all the obs and map rooms I owned.

I good amount of people actually joined. Its the only way for us console people to communicate.

Sadly the developers in a past livestream stated they had no intention of adding it to the console versions. As for those saying it doesn’t seem needed on consoles, you seem to be ignoring two things;

  1. Using the console’s built-in chat is a nightmare while actually in a game as people above have stated, as it will take you out of the game temporarily, which is far from ideal. Also, several games on console have chat windows, so there is no logical reason that Conan Exiles shouldn’t, other than the developers simply can’t be bothered to do it.
  2. This renders a certain item useless on consoles, making it a waste of a feat point for console users. The dice require the chat window to function, so without it, these items are totally useless on console. The rather annoying thing is, nothing in-game warns you of the item requiring it, so a console player could unlock the feat not knowing this and be short a feat point when they reach 60 that could’ve been used on something they can actually use.

EDIT: A little information regarding Funcom’s stance on a chat window on consoles here.


You would have to individually send a message to every person your trying to talk to. What we want is the ability to send a message to players in-game to the immediate area, to your clan, or to the whole server. It really isn’t a lot to ask.
The in game voice chat is highly buggy, and rarely works. Sending individual personal messages through xbox is slow, and requires you to open the start menu open the player list> open thier profile (taking you out of the game to a side panel you have to wait to load) > select to send a message > then write the message, all while the game is darkened out.
The ability to press a button, and type a message to even just your immediate area without leaving the game, and to read replies without ever having to go through all these out of game panels.would be indispensable.

In short… no, the Xbox chat function is not “good enough”

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