Console text chat update? happening?

Its been a while since ive seen any posts here about the lack of text chat on the console versions.

Is this something they are looking to implement at some time in the future?

It really is a must for communication. On the rare times i come across someone, time i get an emote up they are looking the other way or moved on.
As for voice chat? that needs some sort of proximity to another person.

Global text chat as well as /say /group etc would make simple things so much better.
Trading for one
Fighting a boss
Going on adventures
Making friends

Im really liking this game, just lacks this feature



Ps4 needs a global chat badly. It has a voice chat but u have to be standing right in somebody’s face for it to work and even then its spotty. Which is y everybody is using psn party chat. But for some reason this game will kick u out of that as well. At least 2 of my tribe members have this problem.

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