Text & Voice Chat on PS4?

How do you text chat with other players? Does a chat exist?

Also, how do you voice chat with people? Is it only within a certain proximity?

Lastly, I am renting a server but is there an admin console command to be able to admin other players other than mute & ban? I have Conan for PC and the ps4 version is lacking lots… In PC you can enter admin commands, in PS4 I don’t see how to do this.

Also nudity is not working in US? I bought game from PS4 store but no nudity.

The server has to accept nudity, also u.s. only gets partial (top only).

I just tried out admin on the PS4 version and it turns out you can spawn NPC’s and what not, are you sure about there hardly being any options for admin? Have you tried turning invisible? that works, I tried flying but for some reason that doesn’t work. Some commands work, but not all, I assume admin commands may need some fixing. :open_mouth:

i also cannot figure out how to voice chat, i hear people but they dont hear me, and the mic symbol on the server roster isnt there for me, im 100% sure my mic works just fine


It’s really a shame that there is no global text chat. Without it, the game is much less than it could be IMO.


Yea, I am currently having that issue atm, I hope they fix this.

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Yeah wtf same. This better be fixed.

If this game is going to prove better than Wilcard’s ARK game 100%, two things are key … but there are more issues … 1) Lag needs to be non existent. , 2) we need server global chat NOW, not months after launch


Same here! as the mic icon don’t apear to me, i don’t know if is working!

Funcom add Global and tribe chat. It is needed to comunicate with other players. What u guys waiting for? I paid 50$ to enjoy this game and suspended Ark… so do something.

If u are in a chat party it wont work. Quit ur chat party then u can hear other players

I don’t think the mic icon shows up for the user who is looking at the list of users as you cant talk to yourself :wink:

What they also need is an indicator of who constantly has their mic on, allowing all their home drama to be heard in the damn background. This way you can mute them.

I do think voice chat for console is still bugged a bit. I was able to hear someone who was not near me at all but once our characters were in range of each other to much distance and I couldn’t hear them anymore. Which is a cool feature for proximity chat, their voices actually gets quieter as you move away. Brings a cool aspect to the chat but then I shouldn’t be able to hear them when they are no where near me.

Some global text chat could be beneficial to make new friends, especially on live 40 slot or larger servers

Same here. Had the game since launch and still can’t get voice chat to work…how is this not a bigger issue??

Thousands and thousands of people have been asking for text chat and the devs havent replied at all. As it is now even when the servers are jam packed they feel dead… you cant trade,talk,make friends or create any community bond.

In this uptight world weve found ourselves in most people dont use voice chat because it causes them…“ptsd”…lol. So please lets work together to get this text chat up!


Patience is a virtue bubs, they will sort this out eventually, atm they got their hands full so yea. :open_mouth:

But im not in a party chat =(

i can hear them but i can’t talk! and my mic works just fine in any game or wen im in a chat!

So, if you are in a voice party you can’t hear other players? Good to know. Is there a setting to just turn off voice chat in the game completely?

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