How do you comunicate on ps4

ok none of my friends play this game as they say it sucks ark is better so my question is it how do you meet anyone can’t find any way to talk to anyone or even interact with anyone. what is the point of playing online if i can’t even talk to or find anyone on my server ?

Most ppl use in game voice chat or discord app for text chat right now. They recently added the dice feature into the console version which requires text chat window to work for it, so hopefully we will see the text chat be implemented soon on console version.


Ya text chat being added for consoles would be awesome!

I’m mute myself, and sign language and postie notes don’t work well over Internets. XD

yeah i personally try to get everyone who plays on my server to download discord app on phones or pc to substitute for text chat as well as a bunch of other things can be done within discord.

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