Ps4 version have chat to speak?

Please be as descriptive as possible!

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: EU
I dont know what can i do to chat with the other players, help plz😢

Repro steps:

You can press option button on your controller and go to Players list to see all the players on the server. You can select one of the players to open there profile and start a chat or send a message.

I refeer to the game, thank for the question

I don’t think the game has a chat box like PC has. For some reason most PS4 games don’t have a chatbox, even mmorpg’s wich sucks.

Ps4 version of ark have chat bri

I believe they are working on implementing it, i remember reading somewhere that it caused hang ups and stuff. I’ll just patiently wait for it so it doesn’t cause issues.


I’m buzzing for server chat. It’ll enable clan trading and griefing call outs