[Bug] Chat box missing

There is no chat box on the Console version of this game. It needs one immediatly
Game mode: Online & Singleplayer
Problem: Misc
Region: All
How can you ignore the text chat box?
There are people that play games like this that can not speak and have no way of communicating other than using the in game emotes. It is thoughtless and insensitive to even assume that a console version of this game does not require one.
I urge you to put this in as soon as possible.

Repro steps:

  1. Join a PS4 Roleplay server and try to roleplay without using proximity voice chat!

Totally agree! I haven’t found a server yet where people are in game chat. It’s either all party chat or solo people taking up space in pve online servers.

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I totaly agree! A game like this needs it. I think everyone will like to have at least a global text chat screen.

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I’m going to bump this as I feel that this is a very important part of the game that is just completely missing or has been omitted from the PS4 and XBOX versions.

It needs to be implemented now and not just a few months down the line.


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