Seriouisly? No Chat on Console Version?

OK WTF are you guys playing at here. I got the Console version (PS4) after testing on the PC and there is a lot wrong with it in comparison to the PC version. The biggest issue I see is there is F’All chat!

What is wrong with you to think that Console players don’t need to chat with anyone else on the server?
How the hell is someone supposed to Roleplay on a RP PS4 Server when there is no chat box to use?

There is very little in the way of information on keystrokes on the PS4 version when inside Inventory, Hotbar (radial wheel) to let you know how to do stuff it’s only after mashing the keys for a while you discover how to do stuff like moving from one page to another in Feats or how to empty a Radial Wheel item, etc.

Why do I have to crouch to change the height of a placeable building block?

There is no way of holstering a weapon other than accessing the Hotbar and deselecting the weapon!

Where is the search box in inventory?

The list can go on and on and on. I urge you to let Funcom know what you think is missing or not working properly from the console version if you have managed to play both.

Performance on the PS4 Pro is poor there is a lot of times my PS4 sounds like it’s a hovercraft trying to take off and a lot of points where it tries to reload environments causing the game to freeze for a moment (this actually happened on the PC as well during testing but was resolved)

Was there anyone actually testing the console version that tested the PC version as well?


yeah, supposedly we are on par with PC, but its not. Still cant use warpaint, still cant use play button. I have played on xbox one since preview launch and still feel like every other game thats on pc and console, no support. Feels like a cash grab, like 7 days to die and others. They did a bunch of test live stuff and because of microsofts cert process we got hardly any of it. Im hoping end of this week or early next week a lot of this gets fixed. Xbox one version runs pretty smooth but do have a slight game freeze on environments.


Yeah game freezes from time to time (very short ones) were on the PC version but were mitigated somehow close to launch but are there on PS4 version and if you are still getting them obviously on XBOX as well.

ATM playing on PS4 without a chat box you have to take every confrontation as hostile. There is no way to talk to others in game and makes the heavy load servers very very hostile.
I can’t see anyone running a role playing server at all without a little voice acting which I know a lot of role players do not like doing (Proximity voice works) and there are lot of people out there that can’t or are completely unable to use voice chat.

There needs to be a way to add a typed chat box into the console version and it needs to happen very quickly.

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I had to create an account purely just to like & support this topic because I started Conan Exiles the other day (loving it so far btw) on PS4 and noticed these issues too.

Elder Scrolls Online has a chat box on PS4, so does Ark Survival Evolved. I don’t see why Conan Exiles can’t have a chat box, so please developers, make it happen! we’re having to communicate with limited emotes so far and it’s really not good for the health of a server, especially when making friends and foes.

Other issues mentioned in the original post are very valid too. Thanks for bringing them up.

One of the main elements that I think are missing has to be actionbar slots/hotbar at the bottom of our interface (optional???), similar to how Ark Survival Evolved’s work. The current radial menu is clunky and frustrating, especially to un-equip items/weapons.

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Created a Bug report for the Chat box

@Crows The hotbar/Radial menu is so underdeveloped it is astounding. There is a tonne of further development that could go on there that it astounds me that nobody has even thought about it. For example the Emote Radial allows categories and sub menus to be adopted I don’t see why this can not be the same for the Hotbar Radial One for Weapons, One for tools, One for Potions, One for Building pieces, etc. If you adopt macro’s into it you could even have whole sets of armour to switch on a single Radial Menu option or better yet a Gear set to include weapons and potions.

This is not just for Console it could happen on PC version as well I know people have been asking for more Hotbar slots and a second hotbar as well.

On another note the PC gets 9 Hotbar slots Consoles apparently only need 8!

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This is an issue aswell, chat box is important to keeping a community based server. Proximity chat is often very in and out. I seriously cant forget the fact that the Admin panel ( Ban feature ) doesnt work. Ive had issues with trolls, and cant even ban. Im sure that in time patches will rectify alot of our concerns but, they really need to fix the admin issues, and chat situation since server renters are whats bringing them constant flow of income too.

On PC there was talk of integrating the mod into the game that gave all this but the mod creator didn’t want a job with Funcom (didn’t want to move to join team). It would have been so great if they had integrated this into the game and it would have helped with the PS4 and xbox version to control their servers. The Pippi mod look it up on youtube. It is the answer to everything you want from this game.

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