In-game chat for consoles

So this is a topic that seems to have been dropped by the community after getting a bogus answer from funcom stating,

Here they told you it will take extensive work to find a way to implement a function that already exists on PC. And thus already apart of the core game mechanics.
If you take a look at a chat box after freshly logging in it reads that the chat box could be hidden or shown by pressing Ctrl+T. I’m unsure but can imply confidently that in the PC settings there might also be a setting to show or hide chat by default on start up. (If I’m wrong I accept it). With all this in mind it should reason that when ported to console, they didn’t actually rip out parts of the core code and mechanics, (that’s too much work). They instead hid the chat box by default and removed the options setting from options panel. A much easier and cost effective edit to the console version’s code. And are now telling us that it will take a lot of work. Perhaps “too much” work and thus will cut the idea.
Well staring last month after each loading screen, funcom has shown their hand. We console players get little short blips of a chat box in the bottom left corner of the screen. We all now know it exists. Funcom has made no further statement, nor amended their last one quoted above, regarding this topic. The simple solution is to give console players keyboard integration. Many players have a USB keyboard laying around or a Bluetooth controller mounted one. Not to mention the vertual keyboard in each console.
So funcom, I’m confused. What is so hard about permitting us the use of the chat box? I doubt lack of imput methods is the reason. Lazy? You know deaf people exist, right? You know some actually play your game? Chat is critical, not just for them, but for the game as a whole.
Please give us in-game chat.

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