Console: keyboard & mouse integration


Integration of keyboard and mouse should always be an option of a PC port game. Would also allow for use of in game text chat and many other features.
In a FPS game I can see where it would be argued that doing so would cause unbalance and be unfair to those using a controller, however in a melee based game where being dead on doesn’t make much of a difference I do not believe this suggestion to be game breaking.

Does anyone else agree or feel differently?


I have been seeing this a lot in my game, a chat box blip on and off my screen, normally right after a loading screen. This is proof that console actually HAS a text based chat box, but it can only be shown by pressing “Ctrl + T” as stated IN the chat box itself. However, due to the fact that funcom did not permit keyboard integration you can not access a feature that is already IN the game. Something I have seen people ask for a number of times, yet it goes unheard.


I saw that as well, and I wrote a post suggesting a chat box in the PS4 platform. I’m with you :slight_smile: