Ps4 mouse and keyboard?

Hi can you use mouse and keyboard at ps4? If yes can you have the chat and the pc toolbar? Also when ps4 will have w dlc discount? Can you add it as an option for the ps4 players to use pc toolbar?

Currently? Quite sure that’s a no.

That’s something that interests me too. I don’t play on consoles, so is it actually possible to play Conan with Mouse and Keyboard on a PS4/Xbox One ?

According to an ancient twitter post, with a PS4-compliant keyboard physically plugged into the console, you can achieve the standard hotbar. I have seen videos of this while at a recent convention, but do not apparently possess a suitable wired keyboard, so I’ve never gotten it to work. Mouse function is anybody’s guess. Take any setup, mouse / kb / combo / trackpad etc. that works on my PS4 in Fortnite, for example, and there’s no joy in the Exiled Lands.

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