CHATBOX chat global PS4

PS4 players would like to have a chat on screen as in PC to talk with other users of the server. This can be possible? in the ARK they have one and it works well, it can be implemented by pressing the L1 + R3.
Are you working on it? or is it not possible?


I plan on trying out online sometime after I get bored with single player, and I would definitely like a chatbox to communicate with other players so I don’t have to use a mic

A chat-box on PS4 without the use of a keyboard enabled will be a nightmare. Before I got a keyboard for my PS4 I had to use the PS4 virtual keyboard on FF14 chat-box. It took so long to write anything more complicated than a 2 words sentence that chatting was nearly impossible.

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it will be for you, I write very fast, in ARK it works and works wonders.

Not really. I find it easy to type with the PS4 virtual keyboard. I will admit that it’s not as fast when compared to typing with a regular keyboard but I think a chatbox with the virtual keyboard is better than no chatbox at all.

Of course, you’re always welcome to hook up a keyboard to your PS4 if it would be that much of a burden to use the virtual keyboard instead.

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