How to make Conan better

Nope. Its called summer vacation. So basically the same reason, the game didnt get any updates/patches from middle December to beginning January. The people are not even working :smiley:
Same thing happened last year… And probably the year before too.

I was also 3 weeks on summer vacation :slight_smile: And the same in December. Our whole company was closed :wink:

Except update 41 and 42 were supposed to be released before summer vacation, the ETA stated 2020 H1 and we’re now in H2.

Well, our company also wanted to roll out a certain feature (BIM support - Building Information Modeling) at May and we were not finished until July…

Things can change or be a lot harder, than estimated. And in software you have quite often the 80:20 problem.

It was also discovered that in general the 80% of a certain piece of software can be written in 20% of the total allocated time. Conversely, the hardest 20% of the code takes 80% of the time.

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The games been out since what, 2016? If its only dropped by 20%, thats a game thats alive and well.

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Hey, I get it, you need something you do not like to fail.

You go with that or not, your choice.

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I know things change and an ETA is not fixed (E=Estimated) I wasn’t complaining about the delay, just informing Octavian that the fixes are still in the pipeline but running behind schedule due to unforeseen circumstances :slightly_smiling_face:


And my answer was just to add the info, that we will probably not see many changes/patches in the big holiday season (July & August).


#1 Time travel

#2 Genie Lamp

#3 Wish Upon a Star?

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Well apparently this topic was a bit more controversial than I expected.

Hey for those of you who are playing on Official servers that are maintaining good populations, congratulations :slight_smile:

My personal experience on one Official server is the opposite and I’m not exaggerating that I know of at least 30 folks who completely quit the game because of perception that cheating will not be fixed.

Lets hope the undermesh fix comes out soon and solves a lot of this.

To Funcom’s credit, I think they have made some serious fixes (for example I rarely hear of duping anymore but correct me if I’m wrong). In addition they seems to have been able to reign in the Avatar abuse.


Just to add, I’ve seen the player count dip to 5000 concurrent players about 2 years ago, and was playing on a 70/70 server at the time.

If we’re at 12,000 now, then we’re fine as you said.

At the risk of beating a dead horse… Just a thought I had with recent experiences. It would be AWESOME if there was a special avatar or tool of some sort to allow players to easily destroy undermesh bases themselves.

I could picture an avatar that burrows up from the ground (giant sand worm? :slight_smile: )

Admittedly wishful thinking but allowing the player base to destroy undermesh would take care of some of the issues. Then again hopefully the upcoming fix resolves this.

Nerf the damage while mount a horse… is op

Officials and services are being provided free of charge as long as the game is supported and receiving active development (after which they are likely to still receive support, but at a lower output).

As per the Introduction, exploit fixes are one of several ongoing areas of focus. It’ll be a significant part of future updates until the developers state they’ve changed focus. (noteably, numerous points discussed in the introduction and any mentions of upcoming bugfixes may be outdated.)

Exploits are hard to properly fix, as an exploit can be done in many ways.

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I would like them to implement a chat in the game to communicate with other players on ps4, the game and activity would gain life as long as correct language is used.

Current statement and some explanation below:

Suggestion collection with status (June 2018)
Text Chat for Consoles → This is very complex and requires extensive development

Note, the developers are aware this is a highly-requested feature. You may create a suggestions thread, but please be aware it is unlikely to be implemented in the near future.
(cough also a reminder to search the forums; there were 2 threads on it in the past month)

I am on board with almost all of your suggestions…

I am a ps4 player… almost every official server is cluttered with spam land claim…

Big clans have had enough time to wall off whole halves of the map… and they keep logging in to refresh it making sure the server stays dead

Without there being some sort of limit on building pieces this will continue… I dont think raising cost is a good idea because big clans will just keep doing it…

There needs to be a building limit… a for instance is every player is given a set amount of pieces they can build… so say you join a clan you can donate your building piece alotment to the clan… so a bigger clan can build more but a solo player could chose to build within there alotment…

And it can be generous say 1,000 pieces… as an example…or whatever the case may be… but right now… I should not be seeing what I am seeing…

Obelisks completely walled off… dungeons completely walled off… a whole half of a map walled off… strands and strands and strands of foundations lining the map just to claim land making it unplayable for builders

Make the decay timer harsher… make it so when the decay timer hits a certain time say if every 24 hours every foundation or building pieces belonging to the clan or the solo person loses a big chunk of durability making them have to be repaired…

if you have to much to go around and repair then you have to much on the map and dont need it all is the way I look at it…

It gives incentive to either stay on the server or if your moving to a new one then move to the new one… but they should not be able to just log in and refresh then move to the new server where they are doing the same thing…

Major changes need to happen here…anyone who thinks its not an issue is kidding themselves at this point… or they are one of the toxic clans or players doing this sort of thing

What do you guys think

I think any form of mechanic to regulate this is going to 1. Be circumvented by the very players who you’re trying t curtail, and 2. will catch up any legit players trying to do something cool.

For example, a building limit. There are players who build big, and I mean really big. But they build in a location and means that isn’t impairing others. And a 1000 pieces isn’t enough for them. 2000 might be, but 2000 allows shenanigans.

Having to repair structures every day or so is tedious to the extreme. Especially if building pieces are in hard to get to areas, or are in the terrain enough that they can’t be tapped with the repair hammer.

If you want a real solution, you need a human being to moderate. The system can’t do it good enough and will simply catch innocents up trying to make nice builds.

Personally what I think they probably ought to consider doing is once any obligations with Gportal are up, tone back the number of servers. Login, right now, and sort by official servers in ascending order. Look at all the 0/40 servers and those with less than 10.

I mean when I do this, I get to about halfway down the slider before a 1/40 server pops up. And all the way to the bottom where it shows 10/40 at the top and 26/40 at the bottom as the highest populated official.

There’s too many officials. They could cut down the number to a half, and still have room for everyone. While cutting down the number would make the maps more crowded, it would lessen the issue for the server moderators having to police hundreds of servers. I think they should cut it to a 100. That would cut the workload a ton. Maybe get those 6-8 week wait times to about a little more than a week.

They also need better admin tools. -I- have way better tools available to me because I run the Pippi mod. For example, if I have to ban someone, I can instantly destroy all of their buildings with a single click of a button. A Funcom server mod has to manually destroy their stuff using the ghost command and fly around looking for offending structures.

I don’t have to do that. I login and click a button, I don’t have to move from my spot.

They might be able to run a SQL script to do something similar, but they’d need to bring down the server for that one. I don’t with Pippi.

Less servers, better tools, those will give you the end result of what you’re looking for.

Really good points especially about the need for tools similar to Pippi.

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