Fix for this DLC and All Future DLC

Very simple - instead of releasing new armor and having to balance it… create a new slot set for appearance equipment. Then future DLC is appearance only. Duh.

Not sure why this is difficult to understand. Now you don’t cross any potential P2W lines, etc…

This has been covered in other games for years. Not new territory.


I fully agree with this

Oh look that guy is in dafari armor, nope wait it’s silent legion. Hard pass on this. You want to look cooler pay the consequences.


Or tie the skin to a specific standard armor. All dlc armors are skin variants of exile armor. Same stats. Same mats. Same level prerequisite. Same boosts. No need to reskin everything.


Ya. Make it so the type of armor has to match. Heavy appearance for heavy actual. Light appearance for light actual. Etc…

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I think any dlc released that has end game required level to craft should meet end game use. It’s not pay to win if it matches armor values already in game. People are only crying about pay to win cause they want it and don’t want to pay for it. All I know is it’s going to cost funcom in the end if dlc remain garbage. People will only continue to buy if it’s at least usable.

Who cares if it’s PvP or pve if I have to be level 60 to make it and use end game materials to make it explain to me why it shouldn’t have end game stats.

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People are so worried about the dlc having end game stats but look at silent legion you don’t even have to try to get it just run in learn it run out can get it without killing one creature. And it’s the strongest armor in the game what since does that make.

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Agreed, an appearance slot would be nice to have for armour, and maybe even weapons. I do agree that the it should be limited to the same type though, ie: if wearing medium armour, only other medium armour could go in the appearance slot.


I’m sure the fashionista mod has contributed a lot to the sale of the Khitai DLC.
But like Blim said… appearance overlay needs to match the armor archetype.

Afterall, one does not simply skin a dagger into a greatsword either.

What you are asking for will never happen…

Which is why the following is a more realistic solution that actually synergizes with the game’s design choices:

That being said, absolutely everyone would like a skinning system, and fashionista has shown that this is technically possible.

So what’s stopping Funcom from implementing this?

Well. First it needs to fit into the lore.

" Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion. I know this: if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me. I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and am content." - Conan

The Ymir Religion Trainer will agree with this sentiment.


Secondly, it needs to work with PvP. Let’s imagine a scenario where someone will chase you from the highlands into the snow biome… Well. Suddenly the difference between Exceptional Vanir Heavy Armor and Cold Legion Armor receives a strategic importance. So even if appearance slots were to be locked to armor archetypes, will this interfere with Funcom’s vision and design philosophy behind the armors?

There needs to be a solution that synergizes this particular point of contention. A suggestion would be to implement a server toggle to disallow armor skinning on a PvP server, but allow it on a PvE server. But how will this save them from having to mirror DLC armor stats anyway?

Skinning system gives the artist less freedom, it’s only so much you can do with a skin. To make a proper new look for something you need new models or else everything will look the same but with different colours.

New model equals new item meaning it’s own stats. But by copy and paste the stats they would achieve the same thing but with complete models.

Actually it’s better being separate items as long as they’re consistent to make it on par with the base game equivalents, it makes the game more varied in providing different kind of stuffs and with different materials.

They just have to be consistent with the base game. period. Since they have said its cosmetics it should be automatically sorted out, why this even happened right now is beyond me.

Skinning use to be just re-texturing of the 3D geometry… that’s where the term originally comes from.
But meanwhile skinning has taken a more broader meaning since ARK.

You take a skin, and apply it to something to not only change it’s texture, but also it’s geometry.

Yeah a skin can litterally turn you into a demon beast manbearpig if it wants, it’s not just bound to the actual model of the armor it goes over.

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ROFLMAO! That made my day ^___^

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