Console Improvements

Here are my suggestions for consoles:

  1. Server text chat:
    PC players have this option while it has not been implemented on console. Many console players want this option to be able to chat with other clans on the server without the burden of private messaging though console UI. This dramatically affects social interaction as well as pvp raiding tactics. I think this should be added to bring both platforms in line.

  2. Player crafting menu/Armour Bench/Blacksmith filters:
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us an option to filter out specific building pieces/armour types. Those of us who have paid money for the various DLCs have this unnecessary burden of having to scroll endlessly to craft a simple waterskin or bedroll because we must first pass though every single type of building block for every DLC. I don’t know how this hasn’t been fixed already. If the coding in the game is so broken this cant be done, simply put building pieces LAST and this will temporarliy fix this issue. Again with the armour benches and blacksmiths for those who have unlocked all dlcs and purchased all feats. There are a stupid amount of things to scroll through to get to the bottom of the list where you find useful things such as armor mods, steel reos etc. Just so frustrating when you need to do simple things and have to pass through a massive list to get there.
    Please back me up on this one guys

Thank you


Agreed 100%, current UI on consoles is unsustainable. Far too much unnecessary clutter. A simple menu filtering system would be most welcome for our own crafting menu and for benches. I’ll tell you my artisan bench has gotten pretty cluttered too with all the DLCs.

By the gods we really need this. The crafting menus have become so bloated, and even more so if we choose to unlock all of the Feats by consuming Tablets of Power. I really hope they have something in the works…


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