"Building Hammer" like improvements to crafting benches

We’ve seen the vastly improved UI for building construction on the Hammer in update 3.0.

When can we expect to see something like this land for crafting benches? I cant speak for PC, but the crafting menu bloat on Console is horrendous. We can filter it to a degree, but its only by Culture/DLC packs, and we cant go backwards if we skip what we wanted. On top of that we have no filter for base game items, so the “no dlc” filter is still bad to scroll through.


We have filter both with R3 and L3. I just wish the “healing” option was “survival” option and we could have bedrolls and campfires in this filter :wink:. I always say to ask this here and I keep forgetting it years now, thanks for bringing it up :+1:t6:.

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