Console quality of life suggestions

Just a couple things I would love to see on console to make things a little more user-friendly

  1. When we cycle filter for the build menu of it couldhide the items that are filtered out that would be great
  2. On the map screen if we could see our X,Y coordinates that would also be great, preferably the coordinates of the crosshair



Just throw a few ideas of mine in here as well.

  • A little more keyboard and mouse support. Not that important imo, but it’d be handy for others I’m sure.
  • I don’t know outright if consoles have a global chat, but I’ve yet to see it so that would also be wonderful.

Another forums user suggested a streamlined console U.I. for the crafting menu that I liked as well, goes with OP’s first suggestion, just a little different.

  • The admin console/admin settings could use a few more options so we can do a better fine tune of the server as well. (I have no idea how to PC stuff is laid out, I’d assume the whole thing could use a bit more polish overall as well, but most certainly for consoles.)

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