Suggestions that will improve the game alot ! you must read

You are stating many players have issues finding a foothold in the game (point 12) but then you would like to wipe more often?
Well as long it is on official I do not care but it seems like ending in the opposite with gamers leaving

Not for me I play with others not against them, but personal choice I guess.

Not against it but how would this be diffferent from an alpha tribe?

Why do you not build an arena on your server, not sure this is needed, but would not mind if there were one.

No, No, NOPE, why???
First of all: This is not battle royale!!!
Second: Once implemented they could get the idea for lootboxes as many did use with such a system,
Third: Where does it drop from? A bird, a plane, comet, elephant??

I am playing PVE but how can it be abuse if it is available to everyone?
Buff yourself up too when playing PVP so just skill matters

Agreed, this thing is useless except for the sewer dungeon

No, simply build more explosives.
FUNCOM if you nerf it for any reason could you please make it 1HP so you can break it with a stone sword since everyone playing PVP seems to be complaining??

They stated this is an inteded mechanic of the game, so do not expect a change.

As long as I am not restricted playing PVE I could be ok with some changes to vault placement.
I agree vaults should not be used as walls

I was once a new player too and why do their friends not just help them out?
It is easy to find each other at the noob river, othewise use a grid-map found on the internet to share the location.
I for one help new players on my server to get somewhere if they ask me to.

I would like to see that.

Totally agree with you :+1: