Automation of thrall crafting

I love the game but I do have some quality of life gripes. I think someone should make a mod that transports crafted items from work tables to a designated container like a vault or specified box or chest. Like in Minecraft the way the hoppers would drop items from one station into another station you designated it to. Maybe have the thralls carry the items to the storage when they complete their work queue. That would leave room to create automated thralls that would be fed materials to craft specific items for you when they have the materials on hand. Would also be good for thralls that help you farm you could farm a bunch of iron ore and give it to your farming friend thrall and he would run home and throw it into the forge for you and that would trigger the smelter to start and his bars could be sent to the blacksmith for reinforcements when done and you don’t even have to be in your base while all this is happening.
One way to tell the table or thrall what to do could be maybe put one of the item you want him to move in his hand and everytime he sees that item in a table he’s standing near he runs over to the spot you selected for him. I dunno I’m not a coder I just like to play.

Here is a thread I started along the same lines. A bit more simplified, but functional.

Yeah very similar. I feel like thralls are very underwhelming right now as they die in 2 hits to players so they are not good defense or combat aids. The crafting thralls are far more valuable to me. I play mostly single player but want to bring life to my creations with moving thralls that do more than stand at attention and bug out with their AI when the occasional deer walks near my city wall. There should be so many more type of thralls. I feel like if I hand a thrall a repair hammer he should walk around fixing stuff. The thrall system has so much potental but it’s extremely lackluster right now.

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Thralls given heavy armor, great swords and/or polearms are very devistating in a group of 3 or more. The bug that keeps thralls from flinching when hit and the reach on the weapons makes this lethal.

Nothing ever walks close enough to my base for the thralls to jump To battle so right now I just use the thralls to model my armor as I run past them meticulously moving items from once chest to another and back again.

Can’t wait for armor stands.