Production automation via thrall

I know there are a lot of barbarians like me who would rather spend their time exploring, gathering, killing, or raiding instead of managing a “factory”.

I have come to two different solutions for this.

1: Retool barer thrall
2: Create new thrall type

the thrall will be placed as normal. Once down can be assigned 1 storage location and one bench, or 2 bench locations. First assigned location is pull second location is fill. Tier of thrall dictates number of resources it manages. Ex: tier 1 one resource, tier 3 three resources.
Thrall will attempt to keep 1stack of resource(s) in the fill location at all times or till pull location is empty of that resource.

If the Minecraft mod community can make it happen. I have faith that funcom can do it too.

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big no for me.

If you want to explore, kill and gather then go do that and neglect your factory. A big part of games is about making choices based on what you think is important, with changes like this we just get everything handed to us.

Another no here. Feels like having bots running the base…,

What would be cool though is a bench for handcrafted construction items (walls, foundations etc.). Put a thrall there and hit to craft 500 foundations while you manage other things or who knows what. Right now I wait until I get mats for 500-1000 foundations and sit there waiting for the queue to finish, which is a bit awkward.

The construction thrall shall not reduce materials, just crafting time in any case. XP for the crafting should either be credited to the thrall owner or not. I personally wouldn’t want to, and let XP loss be a drawback for using the bench.

The thrall would not craft but simply ensure your bench was fully stocked with materials so that when you go to craft you don’t spend extra time serching for what you need.
So long as you keep a tidy storage system this thrall will aid you not do it all for you.
The alternative is a hopper attachment to benches but that is a device that doesn’t belong in this fantastical era in my opinion. May as well use slaves for what they are meant for, doing the hard work and heavy lifting.
And before I get a social justice warrior in here up in arms about my last statement.

noun, literary
the state of being in someone’s power or having great power over someone.
“she was in thrall to her abusive husband”
a slave, servant, or captive.
plural noun: thralls