New Thrawl type please.. A Gopher

A new thrawl who’s only role in life is to run between the chests, workstations and other places in your base to fetch crafting materials. I’m crafting something which requires gold dust, the Gopher automatically goes to the grinder and grabs some for me. I need 200 shaped wood? The Gopher nips off to the Carp bench and returns with them.

The Gopher doesn’t do any actual crafting, they basically fetch things you have already in your base. (Go for this, go for that).

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I mean its a good idea but funcom will probably never implement something like this because of just how much coding and work goes into such a minor thing, plus i could only see that being extfemely buggy once again considering its funcom


It would be way easier I guess to connect chests with working benches, that needs no animation job as well. Yet nothing is stopping you to have correct organization to your base, witch means chests next to each working bench, so you and no other should have to run around to bring materials :man_shrugging:.
You know which materials are used in each bench so all you have to do is organize a bit and problem solved.


I just wanted to say that.

Peeps, just put the chests with the correct materials next (or on) to the workbenches, and that’s it. It is not rocket science.
Or even easier: put the materials into the workbenches’ inventories! I see SO MANY people putting stuff into workbenches that don’t even belong there. Meat and coal, gold coins in blacksmith benches? Tons of iron bars in firebowl cauldrons? WHY??


hehe, let’s get AI and Speech Recognition into it too.

Just say “build me an awesome base” and then watch the screen for 3 hours while it’s built for you by thralls. :smiley:


OMG!!! That’s the key right there. An Architect thrall that will make bases for you depending on their culture and tier! Get a Turanian T4 Architect and WOW will your brand new Turanian base (as long as you have the DLC) look amazing! Want it decorated, well go fetch an Interior Decorator thrall!!!


Make sure the decorator thrall says “fabulous” very often… they make the very best interior decorators! :smiley:

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It is unlikely you’ll ever see such a thrall in the game.

However, it’s not fetching the materials to craft something that fatigues most players. It’s having the base’s storage organized and easily accessible.

We can all relate with the boredom caused by returning to our base, after the excitement of adventuring, and having a sh.tload of important stuff mixed with all sorts of odds and ends to place in our chests in such a way it can easily be found when we require it. It’s a chore, especially if you played for sometime.

I would suggest two strategies or, even better, a combination of both, to deal with it.

  1. Don’t be a hoarder

You will find all sorts of stuff during your adventures/raids. What do you REALLY need? Is that broken piece of armor really usefull? Aren’t your thousand bones at home enough?
You get the idea. I only loot rare or uncommon stuff. If I want iron, I farm it. If I want alch. paste, I craft it after doing a resources run. I don’t pick anything random. I never ran out of resources with this method. If you need something, farm it specifically. Don’t bring home all sorts of ■■■■ you find laying around.

  1. Get a “sorter”.

Build a vault close to the crafting area. It might be at the end of a little artisans plazza. There are several ways to camuflage it. You can even build on top of it after boxing it. A vault has 100 slots, so, most of the stuff you carry will fall in place as soon as you put it there. If a vault is overkill, big chests (the blue made with eldarium if you have the recipe from Siptah). Place a few and NAME THEM.

It is always a good idea to have regular chests organized in sections, named. This way you can read what’s in them and don’t waste a lot of time searching. Try the vault on Single Player and find out how to blend it. See if you can deal with it.

With both strategies in place, it will be much easier to manage your resources.

Don’t loot what you don’t need or can farm and have a “sorter”.

I hope this helps.

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As helpful as that kind of thrall might be, I have to agree with the others that the coding vs reward in this type of thrall probably isn’t feasible.

That being said, it would be nice to have thralls go harvest materials for you and bring them back to a central chest, cupboard, or vault. For example, Bearer thrall A, go get me some iron. Bearer thrall B, go get me some wood. The harvesting animations are already in the game. Just figuring out the code for the thrall to ‘go forth and gather’ and ‘bring X item here’ would be the part that would need doing (coding). And since Bearer thralls have the extra storage space, it makes sense to give them ‘gathering’ mechanics for expanded gameplay.

To be honest I’ve been there. Playing full encumbrance gathering every single thing and bring it back home spending at least 45 minutes going around and emptying my inventory piece by piece, deciding what was for dismantling bench too. Back then it seemed relaxing and I was enjoying it… not anymore :rofl::rofl::rofl:. But we had God thralls too, they were killing most on sight, so all I had to do is loot and skin, I was the farmer not the fighter, there goes the name Farm & Build. I remember in one private server I fixed a thematic village for base, so like the op I didn’t have chests near the benches, I had a great storage room to place every single thing in order alphabetical. It seemed a good idea at the beginning, but it wasn’t, it was really tiresome and frustrating, so I decided not to ever build again this way, no matter how beautiful it seemed it was a mistake.

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Hour 4: You receive a 2 week ban because your thrall built the new base too big. :laughing:


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