T3 Khitan building pieces give LESS EXP ? WHY?

About the Khitan Foundation exp I’m 99.9999% sure, even if I’m wrong it’s because the exp tick we gain every few seconds. About the RSF foundation I’m 100% sure, I even thought it was 15k at first. around 9k exp is from the wall.

That’s even more inconsistency, why gives a door with more hitpoints, but gives weaker armor and weapon, also less exp for T3 building with the exact same materials. The base game did have MUCH lower exp from Black Ice Building but that’s because Black Ice materials are much easier to make.

I must admit that by the time I got to 58 I was pretty keen to get there so I could craft some snazzy new pants. Still took me a while cause I was having too much fun doing other things in game.

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Well, we have fun in our own way, it’s a sandbox, noone plays the same way.

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Nyeah, but I do get your sentiment.

When you buy a new toy, you wanna play with it without feeling like you’re at a disadvantage, which is quite a buzzkill. Gaining XP should be equal with other T3 mats, especially considering how expensive it is. I feel ya.

I’m just a bit amused at how detailed you went on such… details! It’s like those customers who pay a taxi driver the absolute exact fair, 1 cent coins and all.

But when it comes to cosmetics, such attention to details are indeed warranted.

Nah, i didn’t record a video that shows exactly how much the exp is given by this Khitan foundation, you just take my word for it.

Also by cosmetics, all this kind of things are considered automatically sorted and shouldnt even happen, but no. Not even building piece with the same material get the same exp, not even door with the same tier has the same HP, not even weapon/armor with the same grade require the same mat, etc. WHY. :man_facepalming:

I’ve been playing since it came out and I’ve done the grind to 60 too many times now, thanks to wipes, or relocating to a better server, so I don’t quite find amusement in the journey anymore. The thing that’s become more of a chore than amusing is gathering all the emotes again. I do it, though, because I really like having all the emotes available. :smiley:

For me, the game doesn’t start to be fun until you’re level 60. :slight_smile:

I agree. The best thing about this game is that you can play it any way you want.

I just hope you don’t miss out on the fun in the quest for exp.

How they prioritize bugfixing is weird though, I just visited the other thread about Testlive patchnotes, and we cannot craft Khitan pieces from hotbar I’ve tried it myself, but they fixed that in testlive so we will be able to make it from hotbar, but here’s the funny part, how come they fix something like that while if we build from hotbar, we won’t get any exp at all, 0 exp. WHY ? Why didn’t they fix not getting exp building from hotbar first ? There is even a reddit post dated September 2017 about it, other even said its probably since EA.

Yep. I’d be lost without my war dance.

But I do see you point.
I haven’t had to rebuild from scratch yet.
That must be a pain.


That’s actually the very first one we go for. lol There’s just something great about running up to another player and doing the war dance in their face. XD

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I like to stand by an obelisk in the nude doing the war dance when the chat says someone’s in coming. Never fails to create mirth.

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Totally agree with you.

I like using insulated wood for interiors, because it’s cheaper, but not made of paper either, and doesn’t look like Ghetto-stone. I build my outer layers of black ice foundations sandwhiched between the inner wall and an outer armor shell of black ice fence foundations.

Redwood shouldn’t be made of hardened brick and steel. It looks like it’s made of shaped wood, red dye and iron reinforcements.

But again… PvP is always a consideration so having PvE preferences in this matter is a bit mute.

*whispers to self: “Cosmetics taking PvP into consideration… Hrm.” *

Too bad dye for building’s suggestion status says ‘cut for now’.

In Ark every building piece has a few regions that can be dyed.

Yeah man! Color coding storage was the shizzle :slight_smile: Left the warehouse looking like a carnival, but who cares! Function first, I say!

It’s mentioned in that thread


Lol yea color coding storage works wonder. Dye on building doesnt look that good imo, the only structure I like to dye is only gates and storage ofc

Dude, nice link! How did I not discover that post?

Lol it’s been there since a few days. Maybe you overlooked pinned msg there.

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I always navigate the forum from here, it’s easy to see things and go anywhere from there.

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