[Khitan DLC] Building material cost/health imbalances

Hey there,

while building with the new Khitan DLC, I saw that there are some mismatches with the building material costs and or the health in comparsion with the Reinforced Stone Tier 3 buildings.
So I went into my Singleplayer Sandbox and placed every piece of Foundations, Walls, etc. and compared them with the Reinforced Stone pieces.
Here are my results:

Imbalanced items:

  • Khitan Fence Foundation vs. Reinforced Stone Fence Foundation (Health + Materials)

Only half HP and higher costs than Reinforced Stone

  • Khitan Wall Cap vs. Reinforced Stone Wall Cap (Health + Materials)

I guess, that in this case the HP of the Reinforced Stone Wall Cap is too low, because all rooftop items have 70k HP. But beside that has the Khitan Wall Cap also reduced material costs, which would make it even more unbalanced in comparison to the Reinforced Stone version.

  • Khitan Hatch Door vs. Reinforced Hatch Door (Health + Materials)

This may be intended, because the Khitan Hatch Door doesn’t use Steel Reinforcements?

  • Khitan Door vs. Heavy Reinforced Door (Health)

The Khitan Door has too much HP and would currently be the best door ingame for the same cost of a Heavy Reinforced Door

  • Khitan Wedge Foundation vs. Reinforced Stone Wedge Foundation (Materials)

Material costs way to high in comparison to Reinforced Stone

  • Khitan Gate Frame vs. Reinforced Stone Gateway (Materials)

Material costs way too low

  • Khitan Gate Door vs. Reinforced Stone Gate (Materials)

Material costs way too low

  • Khitan Inverted Wedge Sloped Roof vs. Tiled Wedge Sloped Roof (Name + Materials)

Material costs lower than Reinforced Stone and a little spelling mistake. Should be “Khitan Wedge Sloped Roof”

  • Khitan Wedge Sloped Roof vs. Inverted Tiled Wedge Sloped Roof (Name)

Just a wrong spelling here. Should be named “Khitan Inverted Wedge Sloped Roof”

  • Khitan Sloped Roof vs. Tiled Sloped Roof (Materials)

Material costs way too low

  • Khitan Stairs [normal, rail and corner] vs. Reinforced Stone Stairs [normal, rail and corner] (Materials)

Material costs way too low

  • Khitan Left-Sloping Inverted Wall vs. Left-Sloping Inverted Reinforced Stone Wall (Materials)

In comparison with the following sloping walls are the Sloping Reinforced Stone Walls more expensive than they should be, because the Right-Sloping Wall for Khitan and Reinforced Stone are the only one, which are the same.

  • Khitan Left-Sloping Wall vs. Left-Sloping Reinforced Stone Wall (Materials)

Same as the left-sloping inverted wall

  • Khitan Right-Sloping Inverted Wall vs. Right-Sloping Inverted Reinforced Stone Wall (Materials)

Same as the left-sloping inverted wall

  • Funfact: Khitan Right-Sloping Wall vs. Right-Sloping Reinforced Stone Wall
    While the other three sloping walls have a mismatch between Khitan and Reinforced Stone style, only the right-sloping wall is the correct one xD

  • Balanced items:

    • Khitan Foundation vs. Reinforced Stone Foundation
    • Khitan Pillar vs. Reinforced Stone Pillar
    • Khitan Ceiling vs. Reinforced Stone Ceiling
    • Khitan Wedge vs. Reinforced Stone Wedge
    • Khitan Wall vs. Reinforced Stone Wall
    • Khitan Frame vs. Reinforced Stone Frame
    • Khitan Doorframe vs. Reinforced Stone Doorway
    • Khitan Fence vs. Reinforced Stone Fence
    • Khitan Right-Sloping Wall vs. Right-Sloping Reinforced Stone Wall
    • Khitan Crenelated Wall vs. Reinforced Stone Crenelated Wall
    • Khitan Inverted Sloped Roof Corner vs. Inverted Reinforced Wooden Sloped Roof Corner
    • Khitan Sloped Roof Corner vs. Reinforced Wooden Sloped Roof Corner
    • Khitan Rooftop vs. Reinforced Wooden Rooftop
    • Khitan Rooftop Cap vs. Reinforced Wooden Rooftop Cap
    • Khitan Rooftop Corner vs. Reinforced Wooden Rooftop Corner
    • Khitan Rooftop End vs. Reinforced Wooden Rooftop End
    • Khitan Rooftop Intersection vs. Reinforced Wooden Rooftop Intersection
    • Khitan Rooftop Junction vs. Reinforced Wooden Rooftop Junction

Phew, that was work of about 5 hours to get every information collected, but I had fun while doing so =D


holy crap this post is really well done!

Awesome post.
Kudos to you

Well thanks =)

I may escalated a bit with the size of my post, but for the sake of completeness I just couldn’t stop until every piece got analyzed xD

You, sir, have spent 5 hours, doing FUNCOMs job, instead of playing the game. I am taking me hat off.

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nice work!
Another shame on funcom’s account!

Good Job Turael :slight_smile:

Funcom should be ashamed :stuck_out_tongue:
Please Funcom in the next DLC make walls P2W…and in the next DLC roofs with 150 000HP and in the next DLC…

Great job, very detailed post.

They should realy take a look at the kithai building material and stuff. While i love the look and the add this dlc bring to the current game, there are indeed several issues going on.

Some important placement issues are alos to mention still. So to regroup bit all these tread, here an other post talking about some issues tested.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile: It’s been forwarded to the dev team.


Let’s just post it here instead of making a new thread, since it’s a bit in the same subject :
To repair the new Khitan armors, it seems you need ALL the components used to craft it (it would be a world premiere). And it is a pin in the ■■■ because you need to craft the normal version again to repair the epic version… It costs a lot (alchemic bases and stuff).
Please, OP, edit your post with this report!

Hey @sl9dge,

I found a thread, which is mentioning the issue with the repair costs for armors. Maybe you want to take part in the discussion there too? =)

Beside that, I would say, that balancing issues for Khitan weapons and armors should be collected in another thread, because this one is just based on the balance of the buildings and adding armor and weapon imbalances would extend it too much and miss the initial purpose of this thread.

Cheers =)

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If khitan was just meant to be reskined reinforced stone, what kind of garbage development team can’t copy and paste stats and building materials? Also is your qa team blind that they didn’t catch this?

Not only that but the exp is lower from Khitan pieces.

By saying that the DLC is all about cosmetics, this kind of things shouldn’t happen, it should be considered automatically when stating that its cosmetics and made on par with the base game equivalents. But why, WHY all this happened ???

Looks like the balancing is already in development :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the changes =)

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Lol… cosmetic DLC with HUGE GAPS?! WTF…? And we have players like Turael who spend THEIR OWN TIME to test their s**t… well… I am back in few months (if this game will be still up and running…). Fully released Games should be better comparing it to their EA state, right? I guess not in CE case…

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This is a good post, but the problem is you are comparing it to reinforced stone. Khitai building material should be compared to black ice. Since both give frost resistance. Reinforced stone is heat resistance. Unless you plan on having a heatstroke in the desert I’m not too sure how Khitai materials would be a direct competitor to reinforced stone.

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Khitai buildings are using vanilla T3 materials. Why would you compare it to black ice buildings if you need different materials to build it. It is logical to compare price of 2 different product if they consist of the same materials. Final product properties are not important in this case. Only HP and materials comparison matters. This post is logical, precise, correct and perfect from every point of view.

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BTW you should claim your free game copies for few of your friends for this test work… or season pass for you at least…

Imagine Devs would pay as much attention to details as the player base does.