Bugs and Problems with the Khitan Building Tiles and Decorations

Game mode: [Online | PvE | Official Server]
Problem: [Bug | MIsc]
Region: [EU]

So I noticed multiple problem with the new Khitan Buildings and with some decorations.

First about the buildings.

a) What is usually called “Inverted Sloped Roof” is the “Sloped Roof” and vice versa for the Khitan buildings

b) Usually when the buildings tiles in the hotbar are used up, they are merely made more transparent and allow to give crafting orders for those tiles when you press the particular hotbar key.
For Khitan Building Tiles this does not work and you have to go into the inventory every time to give crafting orders

c) Every so often the crafting queue for the Khitan Building Tiles just disappears, or they finish but don’t actually give a newly crafted tile. It’s just not there. So you have to go the inventory again, create a new crafting queue and hope that it stays.

d) Khitan Gate Frame and Gate Doors
The Gate Doors (at least Khitan and Stonebrick) are unable to really “close up” the Gate. You can look through the space between the Gate Door and the Gate Frame


Now about the decorations

a) The “one legged” Khitan Brazier immediately starts with 0 HP and therefor counts as damaged and can’t be put back into the inventory.
You also can’t repair it.


b) The two Khitan Lamps.
You can’t place them at the side of the Wall you’re looking at. It always gets placed on the other side of the wall.
On Sloped Roofs they aren’t place-able at all. It just says “overlapping with another object or terrain”. On the inside of the Awnings they can be placed though


c) Still about the Khitan Lamps.
When you place them they are always heavily “shifted” instead of hanging down in a “straight line”, which makes for a kind of ugly picture.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Yup, can confirm the issue with the tilted ceiling lamps. Official server #1028 PvE - Revision (#102194/18471)

Issue C actually also applies to the Royal Armour.

used the lamps without troubles in my new Kithai-manor. Fixed them under ceiling (kithai ceilings, not sloped).
Braziers could also be picked up again without troubles.

Didn’t test the gate-way and doors. Like said, tested on single-player. I will go making further tests now on my server.

I’m not saying for sure that this will fix the Khitan lamps, but I had that problem with regular hanging lamps a couple of times, and, both times, relogging fixed it.

So back after some further test on my server.

The braziers didn’t show me any issue, i could pick them up several mal and replace them. Tested this will all braziers. Lamps, like said before, no troubles with placement under ceilings.

Gates and foundations :

Here the fun ! Set-up a trial plateform made with foundations (kithai). Some are hard to place on ground (overlapping error). Puting some foundations over the first range is mostly impossible. Same placement error again !

Like you can see, i had no problem stacking black-ice-foundations, but the new kithai-foundations didn’t want to stack. It’s not the terrain, tested it on 2 different places.

Now the gates : first gate-way place in the middle of the foundations, which let a gape on both side if you want join with walls. The space between the gate-way and the gate-door itself has also a realy visible gape. Brrr, freezing cold here up in the north, hey !

No other noticables problems with the rest of the stuff i tested. Deco and so are working fine for me right now.

Hope this placement and gape issue will be fixed assap, because just not usable in this way right now.

The look is very nice, and i enjoy the dlc, but foundations and theyr stacking is essential, good closing gates to. :wink:

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This is just incredibly sloppy work by this development house. Are they working under huge pressure or is there some structural problem in their team?

When I logged today I could place the Lamps just normally and the Brazier from the Screenshot could be picked up again.

That placement bug is also weird, since I have been able to stack Khitan Foundations the whole time

Great testing there from you. Kudos

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i know, it’s bit case by case, and some bugs may be present one day, and not the next. This fact making debugging not easier i presume. :wink:

Had also the foundations stacking with one of my chars, and not with the other. But there is some instability and problem with placement with these foundations.

For the braziers, i didn’t see any problem, lamps may still be a bit … unstable in many game, experience made.

Let’s hope some issues at least will be fixed soon, because the dlc is lovely, and i like realy the look.

Haven’t looked at it with a Repair Hammer before your post, but just did it.
So farm the Stability looks fine for me in my little testing area, but I noticed something else in return


need to push my investigation futher when i have some spare time, and will make some tests in different biomes, places over the map, just to see. :laughing:

The most disturbing thing is that we’re never sure if we found the same situation after a relog or server-restart. But yes, more news in the next episode.

I have the same issue on PS4… randomly after server restart some Khitan building pieces drop their HP and Foundation same as for you drops to 100 HP (the 100 HP on Foundation seems to be visual glitch)!

They say this has been fixed in Testlive.


The funny thing is, building from hotbar has a bug that doesnt give any exp, so the materials are used to make the structure but no exp given.

How come they fix [crafting Khitan building pieces from hotbar] but doesn’t fix the [0 exp crafting from hotbar] ?

Do they not read people’s feedback or what, it’s been there probably since Early Access. If this 0exp crafting from hotbar isn’t fixed when they deploy the 500 bugfixes, I will facepalm all day long. (Well, just a figure of speech, not that I will do it for real.)