Khitan lamps not working properly

Game mode: Official PVE
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Newly made Khitan hanging lamps are now no longer place-able. Pre existing lamps still function in place but become unplace-able if placed back into your inventory.
Lamps give the message “Overlapping with another object or terrain” when you attempt to place them

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Construct a Khitan Lamp in the Khitan Artisan’s table, or take a lamp from its current position and place it in your inventory.
2.Try to place the lamp, hanging from a ceiling or roof piece.
3.Get Error message.
4.Add lantern to growing collection and despair.

Currently there are issues with placeables and are not working correctly but devs are aware of the issues and are looking in too them

Hi @zwkdiv, thank you for taking the time for reporting this issue, we’ll relay this information to the team.

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