Suggestions that will improve the game alot ! you must read


Please rephrase the question, I do not understand the reference to PvE.


I think I misunderstood your statement. It looked like you were saying that you didn’t want the vaults nerfed because you needed them for PvE, which didn’t seem to make sense.


If the alpha tribe gets bored and just leaves the server, doesn’t that work as a defacto wipe anyway? I mean your main complaint here is that an alpha tribe gets a foothold on the server and then no new people can come on because they get wiped out quickly. Well if the Alpha quits, then new people can come and do what they want or people who are a smaller tribe can do what they want instead of being pushed around by the alpha.

I don’t see the point in wiping servers. You’ll just piss off people who have spent months building on the server and erase their stuff overnight. They’ll likely quit themselves and not bother doing it again knowing full well at some point in the future that will also be wiped.

  1. Well Im totally against wipes, just because there are big clans isnt a reason to do it.
    This would kill the game faster then everything else.
    Its a sandbox game, this means building is an important aspect of the game.
    Some people really build great things which take very long.
    If there would be wipes every 1-2 month, it would be pointless to build huge castles etc at all, at least I would not do it if i know everything get wiped soon.
    It would be like writing a book and if its finished you burn it.

  2. Im on PVP server but not really for PVP.

  3. I think they have plans for this.

  4. More advertisement is always good.

  5. Interesting idea.

  6. Hell no.

  7. Huh?

  8. I agreee, thats why I dont invest points in bow at all.

  9. Why?

  10. No.

  11. I agree spamming vaults is annoying.

  12. I dont understand, do you mean the traveltime?

  13. Probably will happen.


Yes Nuria I was fully aware you are refering to vaults, my train of thought just got the better of me so I was starting to talk about shrines :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to decribe the problem for me :+1:
I do absolutely not condone such behaviour and I think it is trolling. Obviously there need to be actions taken to mitigate the problem.

It is a sad thing that dev’s do have to put restrictions in a game where creativity is key just to avoid some brain-dead people ruining the experience for others :frowning:


Yes you are right, I do not know that is why I state clearly that I am a PVE player.
Do not get me wrong, I do not want for PVP players to have a bad time at all and I would support certain change (should my opinion even matter :slight_smile:)

Thing is: Currently there is no seperation in core-mechanics between PVE and PVP so all the nerfs and changes the PVPers suggest and ask for WILL affect the PVE experience in a way too since the core remains the same.
I would love it to stay out of PVP discussions all together if it would not affect the PVE experience as well.

About Buffst: I do heavily rely on those buffs when my clan-mate is not around and I go on a killing-spree. So nerfing this would influence the way I play and my experience, so I speak up so PVE is not completely forgotten when it comes to nerfs :slight_smile:

About Vaults: I would seriously not have a problem for vaults to have 1 HP so you can 1-hit them because the way I use them is mostly for decoration besides they are seriously guarded and protected so I do not think a Purge will ever get to it so what to I care for its HP.

  1. They really should make purges that are more proportionate to the quantity and grade of the resources stored in each base (something to make the “alphas” have to work to maintain their supremacy)
  2. Yes
  3. Yes but with a limit based on server and clan population. Also my idea would be to use the radial dial that comes up when long right clicking a door to select “Give access to” and then select the specific allied clan or its ranking members
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. Please don’t
  7. no big deal
  8. Yes
  9. Please don’t
  10. No thanks
  11. This seems to be a problem for others, idk
  12. No thanks
  13. Yes

Thanks Funcom keep up the good work.


That is a fantastic suggestion, so you would have to work for your big bases with lots of stuff.

Kudos to you mate :+1:

Maybe even link to landclaim so it is more likely to be hit when having a big base, maybe even bigger purge.

You would be able to scale the amounts of purges this way but I would keep the but I would suggest to leave the basic danger level untouched but increase it depending on the situation.

Otherwise the big clans decide to just build a base at the noob-river and store all their stuff there because of weaker/no Purge.


until the time the alpha get bored and leave the server wil be dead and no one wil play at a dead server.


Guys let me clear something (sorry for not respond for all i have no time)
Wipes should be at PVP server only ! PVE shouldn’t be wiped at all.
and maybe leave few pvp server without wiping it.


if you look at any other survival multiplayer game there is out there . there are wipes ! mybe conan want to be defrent but its not good for the pvp servers ! when you play server for a month you got enought stuff . you raid people you kill people you got best loot on server then you get bored … you got nothing new to do no new players come becuse you are one of the best on server and you just kill and raid the new people when they join the server . but when you got fresh wipe and you and the other clan / people got the same stuff becuse its wiped . they got a chance its more fun . new places to build … becuse its wiped and the alpha clan dosent have now most good places to build on the map , you are probebly not going to get treaths that are you going to get raided today . becuse they are same like you they just started , its alot better people more enjoy that mybe PVE servers should not be wipe becuse its defrent but pls think about it , PVP servers should be wipe !


Well, server wipes once in a year could be ok, but only if you dont have to level your character again.
This would be really annoying.


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