Anti mesh system does NOT work!

Game mode: [Online Official]
Type of issue: [BUG]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [EU]

The anti mesh system that you implemented yesterday does NOT work. There is still bases under the mesh on all the populated servers. People in chat even bragging it does not work.

Some people claim its harder to build new bases under the mesh after patch, but i won’t test that.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log into a populated official pvp server
  2. Scout for bases undermesh
  3. Get dissapointed
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@Ignasi Can you relay it to your team please? I see you do this with other issues :slight_smile:

Hey there,

The anti-undermesh system does not destroy previously placed structures. What it does is it prevents player characters from reaching those locations.



Thank you very much for your response!

So the cheaters that have current bases under the mesh cannot actually acces their bases anymore? They cannot spawn on their beds? This is big if true, and you would gain a lot from telling this to your playerbase.

Most people seem to think it didn’t work, because they can still see massive bases under the mesh.

The feature has been openly available for testing since early this year for those willing to enable it in their private or test servers. It is set up to be either triggered by time undermesh, distance undermesh, or both. This way it can rule out possible cases of false positives or honest mistakes, but punishes those who are using the exploit for cheating purposes.
The way it is currently set on official servers is based on distance. After a very short distance has been traversed undermesh, the player character will be immediately killed. This renders most of the existing undermesh bases useless since exploiters can’t reach them or retrieve materials from them without getting killed and losing the stashed materials.
The way the system works, it also sends data regarding locations and characters triggering this feature, which feeds more reliable data to our team about possible locations to focus our efforts on.


Too bad it does not work

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Should you have more information about it, please report it via DM to @community.

Otherwise it goes against our community guidelines:

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I showed you several buildings behind the net. You answer that there is a lot of work and it is not known when the team will check.

Anti-undermesh does not work

They are working on it.

Ignasis. No matter how hard it is, you need to do a wipe. And then run your anti-undermesh program

I’m tired of running after everyone. There are places that developers themselves will never find. It is no longer possible to build there. But it has already been built there. And there is a bed. And these anti-undermesh systems will not do anything to them. There are a lot of hanging bases behind the green wall. The wipe must be done on all official servers.

I have been playing this game for almost 4000 hours. And I know more about this game than you do. I’m sure

So because he is against wipes , that means he isn’t a honest player ? That’s funny , I’m against it too , as the many threads that’s pop up titled "wipes ! " or " we need wipes " , or " would a wipe help you ? " you can go take a look at how " well reveiced those are " by Honest player that has supported the game from the begining, by playing countless hours , helping other players by sharing knowledge , buying the dlc’s , giving feedback …

I have now 4000+ hours of conan played and not a single second was spent cheating/exploiting , I have helped countless of people on the official server i play on . Heck I even got ( with the help of other people of the server also reporting him ) the final report that got a griefer kick out of the server .

but nows because you are "too tired of running " , I should loose all this investment an just for an assumption that a wipe MAY (or NOT ) solve some problems 1/3 of the game has ? ( when I say 1/3 it’s because undermeshing and duping mostly happens on pvp servers and not on PVE/PVE-C since their is no incentive to do it there ( of course that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in those servers , but that it is far more a pvp problem than to other game modes ) that being said PVE & PVE-C has their own problems with buildings being undestructible then fundation spam is much more a problem .

but let’s keep to the point here of wipes . On the 2nd day after wipes , people that are already cheating/exploiting , will just continue , but this time around there won’t be any strong opposition to them since there will be no big clan with enough materials to go to war against them … So Wipes in the end would profit a lot more to exploiters ( that will have a striving economy in less time than normal players who play by the rules ) .

anyway , no need to call out people what they are not , just because they don’t agree with you , discusion , and trying to understand that the game has 3 ( 4 if we count solo play ) modes that people play in a variety of different styles , and there is no easy solutions to it’s problematics .


I’m not talking about a PVE server. The PVP servers are a complete mess. Starting over is not a problem. The problem is that many people live behind the map. Where you can’t get them

And the problem is that the developers have been fighting these people for 3 years. I mean, they closed a lot of holes. But many already had buildings there. Yes. Maybe you can’t build there anymore. But there are beds and a lot of chests. It’s enough for the game to never be found.

It seems that the developers are afraid of losing dishonest players. Because there are already a lot of them.


I am sympathetic towards those having to deal with all the cheaters and undermeshers. I don’t really know how you guys put up with this …


Nice Nice))))

I am still in favor of doing a complete cleanup on all PVP servers. And I’m sure if the developers make a survey, many people will support

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