Warning: Plug every cave

Well it was a matter of time before Underemeshers figured out how to be jerks that they always are. On #6425 Server I found exactly how, where and specific coords of how they undermeshed and exploited their way to ruining the population for the server. I’ve sent detailed evidence to Funcom via the @Community (which i’m not holding my breathe on).

Suffice to say, the hot tip is everyone grab your vaults/t3 mats and start plugging land claim around every cave you see. You don’t need to actually plug the cave (stopping players from going in etc) just nearby (tastefully too). They are using these areas to get into the mesh and then build out from land into them. They are much easier to defeat with Gods and Explosives etc than Exile lands…however, they will spam the crap out of the areas around their mesh hidey holes to make that almost futile.


Way to ruin what scraps of a good time we have to work with as-is.

Do me a favour, take your entire 3d map mesh. Convert it to voxel cubes (any 3d toolset will enable this). Then take the vertex Y values and that gives you a range of below and above surfaces. Use that data to determine if a placeable is being placed above or below ground in a reasonable mathmatically way. Rinse/Repeat…

Meshing is gone… ITS NOT HARD…

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Yeah, for a while after release their anti-mesh plugin wouldn’t let you build inside any of the caves, so they removed it. Now you can undermesh in every single cave. Personally, if funcom isn’t capable of finding a happy middle ground, I’d rather they just go back to having no caves. 90% Of them are too small to live in anyways and almost every official server lately has had constant issues with people undermeshing in them. Of course, there are tons of other locations you can still mesh inside with ease, but removing the methods that make this possible would likely send the pve/roleplay nerds into an absolute fit.


I’d be fine with that…

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Same. Sad to see caves go, but I’d rather see cheaters go instead.


Caves dont have to go… Just make them un-buildable, if Funcom cannot fix this issues (which is ridiculous).


Removing the player that do this seems to be the best solution.

It would n’t harm the players, because by undermeshing they already tell us they don’t care about the game and are only there to troll and grief (I’m having a dejavu).

They can even make a lot of money on griefers:

  1. Griefers buys the game
  2. Griefer gets ban because hes griefing
  3. Griefer wants to return griefing
  4. Griefer buys the game again
  5. Griefer get banned again

But the griefer should be banned immediately, it is funny if you think about it.


Heres the thing… on the Exiles Land map… fine… in retrospect probably should have made the map more unemeshable… on Siptah… come on… seriously… this didn’t come up at ALL during the entire development process… that maybe…placeing two placeables interconnecting to one another would result in meshers being able to build inside that overlap? …

Never once came up ? …NEVER…

I’ve lodged the support ticket but lets see how long “staff” do something about it. The servers already been looted and they’ve probably now moved onto the next server…so joy to that… player loss.

Normal players/tester dont even know how to undermesh… If I would have tested it (which I didnt) I would also never found such bugs… Because I wouldnt even be looking into it.

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Yeah I mean ultimately this is the only way to deal with exploits. There’s always going to be SOME way to exploit, but if they get banned in a timely manner every time they’re reported, they’ll waste their own time and lose interest eventually. For whatever reason though Funcom doesn’t want to invest the resources into having even just a few dedicated admins around to handle open and shut cases, so we’re stuck waiting for this mythical golden version of the game that has no undermesh locations, exploits or suffering of any kind - which uh… im not holding my breath, bros.


Yeah, but in fairness Funcom does more against trolls and griefers than other publisher does, but I think Conan will be a much greater succes if they invest more time in those issues.

The best way to get rid of trolls yourself is to ignore them, when they never get a reaction they will get bored, but everyone that complains in server chat about them feeds the trolls… cause thats all they want “a reaction”. Just like little kids throwing their toys out of their box because they did n’t get what they want.

It is better to ignore them (and everyone should) but also report them.
How unsatisfying for the trolls getting ignored and banned in the end haha

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No … hell no … blizzard, face punch, valve the list goes on and they aren’t good ones either … how do you even arrive at that statement …

It’s now day 2 and the aforementioned cheaters remain on the server and continue to raid and ruin legitimate player experiences. It would take them 5-20 mins to console to server and ban / delete the offenders …

Ignore them? You’re really not even close to being in the realm of sanity … how do you ignore a clan of 10 players who store their thrall wheels, vaults under the mesh and then proceed to invade your base under the mesh instead of having to blow in through walls etc like other players

Go ahead we’re listening explain how you just “ignore them”


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You don’t have to agree on the way I see it :wink:

Im not playing PvP

Sadly devs put on theyr thinking hat when stuff like this happends, “let’s design a whole new anti- undermesh system” (makes building hard and tiresome now).

Instead of going admin for FIVE minutes and banning them that does it!!!

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I think they need to hire someone that monitors these servers.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have insta-death when spawning under the mesh?


Simple idea, I like it

They are on 6152 as well N7

They (Funcom) already have 34 job openings and the company only has around 200 employees. The people they have are overworked as it is (or at least, seems to be).

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Pretty much.

The last dev stream they talked about hiring more community people in order to help with response times to reports. I doubt they are going to hire enough of them to have 24:7 monitoring support like players keep demanding, but it’s not like Funcom is sitting on their hands and doing nothing (like people constantly seem to think).

Already exists on the Testlive branch. They have been testing an undermesh anti-exploit mechanic but it hasn’t been ready for prime time due to too many false positives. Unlike what Ceronesthes claims, they have not enabled this on official servers, only on Testlive.

The more people test out the feature on Testlive and provide feedback, the faster said anti-exploit tool will come.

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Actually, I cannot say that is true. Maybe in timeliness, it would be. But I watched undermeshers on a PVP server get banned 4 times and every time came back under a new account - same or variation on the player name, same voice, and same hacking. I gave up after the 4th time as they were back on the server doing the same old thing. If they have enough money, they just keep buying the game again and Funcom isnt going to refuse their money. And to be fair, I dont know if there would be a way to fairly administer the non sale to these people if they did try to refuse their money. So the only real option is to fix the code. And that is where we are screwed. Funcom does not have code control. They never have. So someone fixes a bug and releases the fix and the very next release/dlc - that bug is back. Because they did not control the code that was being worked on for the new release to assure the programmers were only using the most recent code. I have been watching this happen since early release.