[POLL] - Would you support a global wipe on the Online Official PvP servers once undermesh access is fully addressed?

Hey community! Global Online Official PvP server wipe… yes, or no?

Despite Funcom’s attempt to rezone and correct the mesh textures (which have been amazing, and greatly appreciated), it is possible that something that is already built under the mesh will remain under the mesh. Seemingly the only option to truly and fully address artifact meshed structures would be to wipe the servers clean.

  • I WOULD SUPPORT a global wiping of all of the Online Official PvP servers once undermesh access has been fully addressed.
  • I WOULD NOT SUPPORT a global wiping of all of the Online Official PvP servers once undermesh access has been fully addressed.

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Thank you in advance for your vote, and any other commentary that you are willing to add to the discussion.


The AYES have it at 100%. Schedule the wipe!

Lord Wiggles seconded the motion.


If the exploits will be fix yes if the exploits are still in the game there is no point of all this


Why would wipe be necessary if undermesh bases got fixed? Why do I that build honestly outside of terrain textures have to loose all my progress because others abused glitches?

Vautls and chests peeking up out of the terrain. Exposed just enough so that they can be interacted with, but are not easily seen. If the official servers are not wiped, there is no guarantee that the exploitative meshed structures will be out of the picture.

“I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”
-Ellen Ripley


^ :+1:
Also I don’t think it’s exposing any secrets here to say as long as a bedroll or bed exists, they can theoretically access the existing underbase to refresh decay. Then the suspects would spend the next few weeks finding out how to penetrate the topside with a box or vault, and/or finding a way to “swim” or climb to the underground assets.

If devs solidify the empty spaces of these possible entrances, and by that, making what is inside/middle textures be destroyed, Vaults, bedrolls or whatever, wipes are not necessary.

The hours required to make a full pass on everything over the entire X, Y, and Z axis’s of the map may not be an effort that they can support.

For the global blanket efforts that they have applied to prevent access to the mesh, I think that a global wipe will be the natural final step to make sure the game servers are fully cleansed.

If they are able to support the hours to check and clean every single nook and cranny - then more power to them.

Why wouldn’t they? I mean, they created the map right? I know its hella big, and will take a lot of time to do that, but isnt that their job? or they have “better” things to do? Seriously Cauthey, im trying here to not sound rude or toxic.

Let me briefly explain why I think this is the right thing to do, and not use a “bandaid” like a wipe.

I work with audio mixing, sound engineer on a Music Recording Studio, sometimes I’m asked to create tracks without metronome, so after the soundtrack is done (those usually are very long, like 9 to 20 min duration) I have to check if every note is in the right tempo, this takes more time than to create the track itself, its is veeeeeeeeeeeeeery tiring and a pain in the *** to do, but its my job, and I have to do it.

So in my vision, they have two options to solve this issue that affects directly the PvP aspect, the right and long, or the cheapiest and fastest, why right? because if you create something, you know it completely, why cheapiest? well, I guess its auto explanatory (less work).

This is one of those Shrodinger’s cat issues. We can’t tell of the cat is alive or dead till we open the box.

And until we know the full details of how this exploit is fixed, how that fix interacts with existing structures, and the impact this has as a whole, it is impossible to make an informed decision.

For example, if the fix prevents future under mesh building but leaves existing ones intact, a wipe may be needed. However if the patch forces all these buildings to the surface with each foundation set to just touch the surface, you could see some majorily screwed up bases that are to loot/raid. We simply don’t know, so who knows what needs to be done.

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The one(s) who design the map?

In my opinion this might be interesting for some server but not for every PvP server. For instance on my server there are no undermeshers and you would certainly drive the remaining players away. So the overall gain of this action on all PvP server would be even, at best.

I don’t read your post as being rude, nor as toxic. And I appreciate your thoughts here.

I do not honestly know or understand the time investment that would be required to cinch up every inch of the map. I also do not honestly know if zipping up, or effective “removal” of undermesh space is a possibility. I have some educated guesses, and perhaps the tinest bit of speculative insight into how their texture mapping stuff works. And feedback from folks who know better than I do who have stated that the mesh will not be fully corrected until servers are wiped.

But, in the event that all of that work is time/cost prohibitive, they now will need to make the decision on whether they apply a granular, coordinate by coordinate fix (test it, QA, etc., etc., make sure they don’t break something else in the process), or if they instead put their world builders on generating new content (sorcery, new dungeons, other game projects, etc.).

I would very much like it if they could apply a specific, detailed, acutely granular solution. However, I just don’t believe that is the reality. At least not the reality without other potential sacrifices to the game, or sacrifices to their content schedules.

I get that people are committed to their investments and structures that they have created in Online Official PvP servers. That is why I posed this thread, and the poll. Frankly, I would be happy to throw everything I have built away if it guarantees that mesh bases are gone. Clearly you have different thoughts on the matter, and do not support a global wipe. And that is fine… your feedback is greatly appreciated! Hopefully more will weigh in, and share their feedback that will aid Funcom in making the right decision (even if it is the more painstaking, granular fix with no wipe). As it is, I think that they are more disposed to not performing a wipe. But after reading player feedback here, they will have some basis on what the players are willing to have done.

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I would too, but I say that no wipes are needed because one spot at the volcano that I knew, was fixed on testlive, its no longer possible to get there, and I heard other ones aswell from a friend. So, if those were fixed without major problems, I guess its fine to do on the rest.

And by the way, even if fixing all the other possible undermesh places could cause some breaks in ppls bases for being near, or unusual terrain, its better to rebuild a wall than to lose all your stock / thralls isnt it? Thats for me at least, that have limited playtime a day/week.

Hey. That means I can go back to officials and not live in fear of some 100 consecutive duped god coins… with a large portion of toxic players having moved on to different games. This could be the second golden age of conan.

What a time to be alive.

+1 for wipe.

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Or they can just code for coins still expire inside freezers.

Yeah if I lost everything right now, I would either take a break or leave altogether. Bittersweet release.

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PvP servers should be wiped every 6 months in my opinion. But frankly there are many empty servers which are basically wiped right now. The only real reason for a wipe is to reset a servers Alpha clans and force a fresh campaign with other groups of people who wish to compete with other well organized clans. I would also make some PvP server level 60 servers, meaning when you create a character they start at level 60.

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Well that’s unfortunate, I don’t like advocating for something that’ll make you quit. If history is my guide, if there is ever a wipe, Funcom often holds extra XP events to promote a new start. I have been through some wipes, one of which kept my progression but none of my possessions. It was, once I worked my way out of peasant cloth, quite liberating.

I have recently been an opponent of a potential wipe. Knowing what my friends go through on Officials, and me in my Ivory TestLive Tower, I think things would be better with a clean slate.

I would like if Funcom deleted half the Official PVPs, kept 1/8 of the remnants intact and wiped the rest. Add blitz servers once again and my weekends will be full of conquest and glory. I like your idea for some of the servers, too. A 2x per year wipe would bring me back all the time. :slight_smile:

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