Undermeshing NOT fixed

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Exploit
Server type: PvP
Region: US

This is on 1808. In this location (see pic), there is nothing built to be seen, yet when trying to place a foundation, “land is already claimed” is displayed. There is something hidden.

Prior to part 1 of the update, a clan by the name “Noah’s Kingdom”, which you (Funcom) did look into, was duping, and under-meshing in this very same location. You could squeeze into the crack, and in first person, see their stuff inside. That base has since decayed and the land had become claimable. Thus we know that the new hidden stuff, has been built since latest update.

I don’t know which clan has built there, undermesh, but I have a good guess if you want more info.

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@ Tascha
I posted this here because I thought you might like to come to the server to see it first hand. I’ve seen you do that on another thread. What better way to see exactly what’s up?

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