Is this change of the map intended? Are there more changes to the map?

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [Europe]

My own starter base (at G/H 8, a little east of boundry spillway, just behind the legendaries chest (white tiger) in the “cave” inside the cliffs) has been transformed into an undermesh base and I can´t even reach the loot inside any more. This was a legit spot. No glitching was involved. The cave was used on nearly every populated server i played on. With the “… derketo” - patch, the buildable area got decreased. What´s even worse: My main base and a lot of different buildings are connected to this one, so it won´t even decay. I can´t delete it, so what am I to do?
(have a look at the reddit-post for pictures (can´t upload here): “after update legit base turned into undermesh”)

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug: in legit part of the map, be proud of yourself playing fair
2.install official patch
3.log in to find yourself and half of your base inside the mesh
4.realise that you are an undermeshing cheater now :frowning:

I have seen a couple of posts on this. This may be unintended, or are they already marking out the entrance to the December patch and possible dungeon? If that is the case, it sucks for those built there, but understandable to get new content. This is just me guessing though, so don’t take it the bank.

Would you mind to leave a link to related posts here? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @r4nd0mGamer

Welcome to our community.
The zone you mentioned was considered undermesh and was patched in the latest update.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

If your mesh is causing problems i heard you can get compensation with the right team of lawyers =D

Jokes aside this sounds ssssssssssssssuper bad to experience, like your steps to replicate tho


Dear Ignasis, I appreciate your prompt reaction. Still I can´t live with the terms “considered undermesh” and “was patched”. Of course you can change the game and the map / mesh in any way you decide to. But why the hell don´t you give an official statement after changing, if not a warning before you do? Changing a part of the map that was part of the legit build-area to be restricted should be treated with some kind of respect, I supppose…
There is still another question remaining: Are there more parts of the map that have been changed and how will you inform the community about these sort of changes in the future?


I think that they try to avoid forewarning on under mesh areas for 2 reasons. If people who didn’t know of the area find out about it they will try and see how to under mesh in that spot, thus learning the technique to try every where else. Finally, by warning first, those that are exploiting it would have a chance to move their items. By not telling, they effectively punish those abusing the area of under mesh. Unfortunately, some more “innocent” players will get caught in the cross hairs.


Hey, WhatMightHaveBeen - I think you MayBeRight here. I already thougt about that. It´s a good reason to NOT warn. But, specially as as the “innocent” victim, I would appreciate very much to be informed after the deal, like in the PATCH NOTES for example.


transparency on the patch notes heading up to release sounds ideal. I understand that this prevents proper punishment of persons whom are taking advantage of it.

If you announce it
-both legit and exploitive players will know to move things, but they essentially both lose the spot but at least the honest player has a chance

If you don’t announce it
-you punish two players one who should and one who shouldn’t

I don’t think its worth accidentally hurting an honest player to punish an exploitative player


More often than not, the under mesh spot is an obvious one. This is one of the rare occasions where the area could be mistaken as “normal”. So with that, a majority of the times, any under mesh area is not innocent. Whether they are using the spot for be a d-bag or not. Again, the spot in question (if i am thinking of the right one in the cave behind the white tiger) is not as obvious of an under mesh spot, and thus some will get caught in the cross hairs.


admittedly ive never encountered these areas or anyone using them as far as i know

Yes I am unfortunately now a filthy undermesh cheater too. Shame on me!


Thanks for the heads-up mate! And welcome to the team O.o

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