Funcom! Fix the avatar protection Dom

[Some Players still have Massive Dominance over other players(thx to a bug)

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ][Cheating]
Region: [Europe][Xbox]

[:wave: Hello! on Official Pvp 2116 server, enemi bases still have the avatar protection bug… Before game patch they dismantled or destroyed the altars and since then NONSTOP protection… The avatar protection is not disappearing. It’s like - if you done the bug before latest patch you still have the protective dom… ](nothing appears in the event log-this already approve my fact…

Could you confirm the avatar dome still functions?

I know there is a (partially visual) bug which makes them last longer, but I havent heard of them physically lasting forever.
How long have they been lasting for?

Try godding it and see. There is however a “bug” on Ps4 where you craft a bubble once and it never goes down. Some clans know this and keep crafting zeal for the day it is eventually fixed however.

It not bug u just remake It cost 2k steel and brim. We allways farm and have rdy when the time of we rebubbel… pls know befor u post about bubbel. I

Hey there,

It’s been fixed internally and it will be released soon.

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