Proteccion avatar bug or extended

good afternoon I do not understand why they say that avatar protection lasts 36 hours when I have it active for 48+ hours and I still see the bubble … who knows if the time extended?

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It’s a bug that it’s longer. Funcom is aware of the bug. At some stage they will fix it … so don’t get complacent and expect it to last longer … be ready and prepared to renew it every 36 hours just in case it gets patched abruptly.

Edit: adding link to another post about god bubbles that includes an official response from Funcom:

Why 36 hours? PVP raid time is only 6 hours per day …

So 36 hours = 24 hours = 1 day.

I think protection must stay 3 days, so 72 hours.

Any advices?

It’s permanent at the moment have had the same bubble up for two weeks already.

Also after renovating our main base the bubbles are still up without the alter.

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